Sensational sunset

Breathtaking. Today's sunset. — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) January 24, 2017 Thanks to our Lauren H. for pausing after work to take this gorgeous photo. #NationalComplimentDay

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How high is your Thrill Factor?

We’re counting down the days till “Thrill Factor” premieres on Travel Channel. Here’s their promo: These former Mythbusters will test the “guys” against the “gals” to see which gender handles…

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Get smarter

Cone of Silence meme

“Weh-woe? Weh-woe?” When I heard my toddler grandson “answering” the phone this morning in the next room, I grinned. Then I looked to see what household item served as his…

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What if we hosted the Winter Games?

Legend lift chain in the snow

With all the hullabaloo about the Winter Olympics lately, it got us to pondering … what sort of competitive games could we host here during these seemingly endless weeks of…

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She’s one of us!

Our Communications Department became complete last week as we welcomed Lauren R. to our team – she's our new Communications Coordinator. Lauren isn't a new face around here; for eight…

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Transformation Tuesday

We've added to our Communications Department (no worries, Nathan and Paula aren't going anywhere) and one of Lauren R.'s first projects is to dig around in our archives and boost…

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