Podcast: Homecoming

Leah's graduation cap

After a month-long hiatus, the #podsquad is back. With a dazzling guest star My star power is finally being acknowledged. Just relaxing in the green room and getting a last-minute touch-up from my stylist before I make my long-awaited debut live in the #HoWoPo studio! All right, Mr. Eckert, I’m ready for my close up……

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Podcast glossary

Podcast - Dole Whip

You’re expecting a new podcast episode today, right? Sorry, we’ve delayed #053 by a week. The good news, though, is that our guest will be Rick Hunter, the President & CEO of ProSlide Technology, Inc. Can’t wait! Meanwhile, we’ve been talking for a while about starting a HoWoPo Glossary of Terms. Because the inside jokes…

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Podcast: Drone Man

Close Up of Thunderbird's Immelmann from Drone

The guy we thank at the end of each episode for “making us sound so good” is our guest this time around. Stephen is the guy who studied hard, took a test in clean-room conditions, created our SOP, and flew the HoliDrone to capture views like this: Our drone, by the way, is a DJI…

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Podcast: Saint Mick

Saint Mick book cover

During last episode’s SWOT analysis, we decided our biggest “O” was the opportunity to bring more guests on board. And so, we turned to our pal, WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley. The “old bear” has penned a memoir – or, as he tells us, a love letter to his children – about his journey to wearing…

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Podcast: Halloween treats

1984 Brochure outside

It’s always a treat when Leah joins us on podcast day: We had fun recalling Lauren and Leah’s dad’s appearance on The Colbert Report 11 years ago. Wow. I’d completely forgotten about how I was the only one not to receive an autographed photo … sigh. Our webcam is back online, in case you need…

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Podcast: Promises Kept

Leah - Golden Ticket Award

I won’t ruin the surprise, but a promise made long ago (and repeatedly) was finally kept this morning … The Golden Ticket Awards were held last weekend in Connecticut. Leah was pleased as punch to accept the #1 Water Park Ride award (Wildebeest‘s eighth win in as many years). ^ Bonus points if you can…

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Podcast: Phone a Friend

As you may know, Leah Koch has been missing from the podcast for nearly every episode over the better part of a year. First it was because she was working on her MBA at Indiana University and now … a big-city internship. And so, we rang her up at her – gasp! – non-air-conditioned dwelling…

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Podcast: Food Fight!

It’s hard to miss the irony behind this episode’s topic being Food … and yet there was nothing to sample. Not a crumb. Rentz kept twitching, thinking the door was about to burst open, with Justin bounding in with goodies. You know, like this: That’s Justin with a Giant Sub Sandwich, which will be on…

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Podcast: Christmas Crazies

With Christmas fast approaching, we recorded our final podcast episode of the year today. The PodSquad doesn’t quite catch the brilliance of Turkey Lurkey Time. No matter what you think of the lyrics, you will surely be blown away by Donna McKechnie (the tall “office worker” in this performance on the 1969 Tony Awards) and…

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Podcast: Lights Out!

Our #PodSquad gathered back around the table this morning to record our 18th podcast episode. We hope you enjoy it! William Koch joined us (along with sister Leah – on fall break from MBA studies at I.U. – and sister Lauren, on the right) … … and filled us in on the new Lights Out!…

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Podcast: The Moose Out Front

We’ve made it to Episode 014 and are heading into our second half-year of podcasting! (That bit of non-math makes me think of when you have a baby and at first you keep track of age by days, then weeks, months and finally years. It’s a process.) We have many graphics to share this time…

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Podcast: The one with the Conqueror

It’s podcast day! As always, here are some illustrations from our hour or so of silliness: First of all, to celebrate our thirteenth episode, we snacked on some new treats that will appear on the SmokeHouse menu for Happy Halloween Weekends: Fried Apple Pie Bites and … … Bread Pudding Bites (above). Needless to say,…

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