Happy Birthday to us… Part 2!

75th Dedication Plaque

We (I) recently discovered from IAAPA historian Jim Futrell (shameless plug listen to our interview with him here) that Santa Claus Land kind of has two opening days, so we…

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Founder’s Day

Ronald Reagan. Louis J. Koch, Santa Jim Yellig

Today is the birthdate of Louis J. Koch. Let’s declare it to be Founder’s Day! Did you know that Holiday World started out as a retirement project? It was back…

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Podcast: Promises Kept

Leah - Golden Ticket Award

I won’t ruin the surprise, but a promise made long ago (and repeatedly) was finally kept this morning … The Golden Ticket Awards were held last weekend in Connecticut. Leah…

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On this date in 1955

Reagan, Santa, L.J. Koch

Ronald Reagan at Santa Claus Land? We have proof! From the Holiday World archives: Actor (and future president) Ronald Reagan visited @SantaClausLand on this day in 1955. #HW70 pic.twitter.com/hDsNk9mbgt —…

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Happy birthday to us!

Sixty-seven years ago today, Louis J. Koch opened a little park he called Santa Claus Land. All these years later and his idea for a place for families to enjoy…

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Happy birthday to … us!

Happy birthday! It was 59 years ago today that Louis J. Koch opened the world’s first theme park, Santa Claus Land. Fifty-nine years later, LJK’s grandson Will keeps up the…

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Remembering Reagan

It was back in March of 1955. A movie star by the name of Ronnie Reagan was crossing the country, promoting his new TV show. He made an appearance at…

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A story from the 1940s

1956 Bill Koch with parents

Mrs. Koch just called and told me this little story; she asked me to add it to our HoliBlog: On Sunday, there was a knock at her door. It was…

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