Podcast: The One with the Voyaging Cheetah Carousel

The Official Holiday World Podcast

It’s the off-season, but construction and maintenance are in full force all around the park! The PodSquad was joined by Sean S., Maintenance Planner, and Anthony V., Maintenance Manager to get an update on all the work being done on Voyage, Cheetah Chase, and the Star Spangled Carousel. We are so fortunate to have so…

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It’s Love Your Pet Day

Joe and Moose

We have some very recognizable and lovable faces here at Holiday World. No, I’m not just talking about our staff – I’m talking about our mascots! Safari Sam, Holidog, Kitty Claws, and George the Eagle pose for a lot of pictures every day. But our mascots aren’t the only important animals in the lives of…

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Not exactly monkey business

Kima Bay bucket

And to think some people assume we just monkey around during the off-season … What does it take to get voted the #1 Cleanest Park in the World a full 19 years in a row? This sort of attention to detail: Anthony and his crew are spiffing up the bucket from Kima Bay, which includes…

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Who says turkeys can’t fly?

Good question! There were several flying around these here parts yesterday. Who says turkeys can't fly?! #GobbleGobble pic.twitter.com/bOImXNJmwM — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) March 11, 2014 And yes, we put our toys away for the winter months – and out they fly in the spring, ready for the new season. Watch out – here comes another…

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The first ride of spring

Do you look for the “first robin of spring” each year? Around here, it’s the first ride of spring; the first ride to spring back to life after a long winter’s nap. And the first ride of the season is … Comet’s Rockets in Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch! Here are three members of our maintenance crew…

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