That “Harper Valley PTA” Girl!

Jeannie C. Riley ad

What in the world do Jeannie C. Riley and the song Harper Valley PTA have to do with Holiday World? The Grammy Award winner’s connection is with Santa Claus Land, actually; she performed…

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Shake it up, baby!

Lemon Shake-Ups building

Not too many people knew the answer to this question:   Does anyone remember what this little building was originally designed for back in 1992? #HoWoHistory — Holiday World…

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A love letter

Nick & Amanda

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoy this guest post from a long-time seasonal employee.  My name is Amanda Claise and I recently married my high school sweetheart. I should start off…

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A king, a queen, and a clown

Billy and Ruth's Toy Headquarters promo

In the Communications Office space, we have a sizable storage room that houses our publicity archives. This storage room used to be the park’s dark room. (Back when photos were…

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Daddy downpour

This photo makes me smile … Water park fun at @HolidayWorld #bobthebearder #beard #beards #bearded #noshaveever #noshavelife — Bobthebearder (@thunderhead1930) June 25, 2017

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Opening a can of worms

Henry's act of kindness

How often have you been out in public and heard a child who’s just not in a good mood? Most of us would continue on our way. Not Henry. His…

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A bear named Barnabus

Barnabus and Zach

We heard recently from a mom who was going through a tough time. Here’s a portion of her email to us: My children and I have recently gone through an…

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Seven decades of pictures

Here’s to seven decades of fantastic photographic fun! Thanks to all who sent us pictures to include in this video and the Memories Mosaic in our 70th Birthday Plaza. From the…

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Holiday Road warriors

And to think that when I was a kid in the ’60s and heading out on vacation in the family car with my brothers and our parents, our biggest entertainment was looking…

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Center square for the win

Local radio personality Ty Hunter posted this on Instagram – and all this Baby Boomer’s heart could do was beat a little faster, remembering the glory days of the TV…

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The Legend lives on

This morning, while adding a new Legend video to our YouTube channel, I happened upon this wonderful piece of our history from 1999. It’s the day we announced we were…

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Small fry

Well, you learn something new every day. In search of a fishy turn of phrase for this post, I turned to Google to learn that a baby fish is called…

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