More memories of feathered friends

Baseball-playing chicken

It’s amazing the Santa Claus Land memories that are stirred whenever we talk about the Educated Animals. Here’s an email from last week: I really appreciated the picture of the educated animals. I tried to tell my wife about them but could not do it justice. One of my greatest memories is of my mother…

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It helps to have an understanding spouse

Thought you’d get a kick out of this, from my pal Mike in Louisville, who has an understanding spouse: I had just turned off the lights last night and I said, “Five months from tomorrow!” I thought my wife, Michelle, was asleep but she was not. She asked me what I was talking about. I…

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It’s a Wonderful Budget

No one looks forward to capital budget time. Some departments get what they want; others need to try again next year. Just like Christmas, it’s rare to get everything you wanted. We announced our 2006 capital budget early this year: $13.5 million. …but that doesn’t mean everything was set in stone. When push comes to…

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Ninety-five candles

Frieda Foertsch

Those pretty flowers throughout Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari? We have Frieda to thank. And today’s her birthday. She’s 95. Frieda has worked in just about every department over the years. Front gate, food services, the Betsy Ross Doll Museum. Since she “retired,” she’s been in charge of our greenhouse. Our “plant manager,” if you…

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Maybe we need a warning sign?

Udderly Blue ice cream

Have you discovered the Udderly Blue gift that keeps on giving? Lynn is a grandma who visited the park recently and plans to come back again soon. She and I have exchanged emails several times over the past week. Apparently, we’re now close enough buddies that she felt comfortable sharing this proud family story: I…

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‘You have the nicest workers’

A kind note from a family who visited recently and wish to praise our employees as the nicest: We visited your park on August 10 and 11; this was a great place to go. We really loved the free pop and sunscreen and the reasonably priced food and lockers. Also the free parking. What a…

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Attention all Holiday World Hostesses!

Getting tired of wearing those khaki shorts day after day? Don’t quite like the fashion statement those white tennies make? And that blue shirt — not a good color on you? Well, get a load of these Santa Claus Land uniforms for park hostesses from long ago: Thanks to Christina from Texas who sent this…

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“We finally made it!”

Santa Claus Land logo

Here’s a wonderful note we received: Well, it took more than 30 years, but I finally made it … to Santa Claus Land! When I was a little girl growing up here in Cincinnati, I remember seeing commercials or something for Santa Claus Land in Indiana. I wanted to go there so bad After all,…

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Blown away by The Voyage

Congratulations on all of the hard work you put into the HoliBlog and the HoliHints. You did a fantastic job of keeping your audience glued for weeks, and building the anticipation for today’s announcements. As for the announcements, well, I’m blown away by the sheer scope of it. Simply Incredible. Growing up in Kentucky, and…

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A call from Afghanistan

It’s not often we get a phone call from Afghanistan, but a very special one came today. Joe Yeager is stationed there. He was supposed to be home by now, but there was a delay. And today is his wedding anniversary. Joe had plans to bring his family to Holiday World to celebrate. His question:…

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Proud Grandma, lucky grandchildren

Mrs. Koch always has cute stories about her grandchildren (she has 11; #12 is due in July). Beautiful little Anna was here last week. She’s two years old (and just-barely-two, not nearly-three). When Mrs. Koch took her to our Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch so that she could go on one of the kiddie rides, Anna had…

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The big countdown

Oh, my gosh — it just hit me! How does time pass so quickly from year to year? There’s never enough time to get ready. And now, all of a sudden, we’re down to single digits! Just eight months till Christmas! (Faked you out, didn’t I?) It’s so much fun to be out at the…

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