A day to celebrate

Merry Christmas in July! Mrs. Koch, after all, is Santa’s Daughter. Despite the heat of a summer day, she’s happy to model Santa’s jacket. The white gloves come as no surprise, given her love of all things related to cleanliness. (We’re a little concerned she may not give them back to Santa.) Can she rustle…

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Hugs across the miles

You never know what will come in the mail. Look at what Mrs. Koch received: Here’s a closer look. It’s a hug from her little friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s family lives several hours away. Whenever they visit, Elizabeth looks for her friend Mrs. Koch and gives her a big hug. Then they have a chat. It’s…

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Golden memories

Hosting the Golden Ticket Awards was a blast. It was well over a year ago that we started bugging Amusement Today publisher Gary Slade that we wanted to host the Golden Ticket Awards again. Turns out he already had us in mind. (Surely it had nothing to do with him wanting to ride this new…

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The coaster is 1.2 miles – and so is the Walk

The Walk to Cure Diabetes, that is. We’re hosting this walk next Saturday, May 20. Mrs. Koch spoke at the news conference when the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation announced the details. As she told the media, “They can send a man to the moon and back. Why can’t we all pull together to fund research…

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Home for the Holidays

Holidog in Will's office

Remember that coffee commercial, in which the college lad returns home for Christmas vacation early one morning, with only little sister awake to greet him? To prove he’s put the tuition money to good use, said college student proceeds to brew a pot of coffee that’s so strong the aroma awakens his parents. Holidog nearly…

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Our answer to the Christmas debate

Pat Koch and Santa's Elves

Have you been following all the fuss? About whether it’s a Christmas tree or a “holiday tree”? Not a terribly new debate, sadly. We had to go back seven years to find this, but thought it was worth dusting off. Back in 1998, we were approached by a national newspaper chain to write a “counter-point”…

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Midnight train in Georgia

Will and Mrs. Koch in train

Okay, so it’s not midnight blue, but close enough. Will, his mom, and three of our directors were in Atlanta last week, attending the annual IAAPA Convention. The folks at PTC had a display model, which garnered a lot of attention. Interesting new seat divider: Remember, The Voyage will have three trains when it opens…

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Testy times

Pat Koch

It’s back-to-school time. And the kiddos aren’t the only ones taking tests. Will, Mrs. Koch, and our staff of Directors are taking tests this week, too. The online “assessments” are meant to tell us about our strengths and weaknesses (or, rather, opportunities for growth). I plowed through all the questionnaires (the first one has 435…

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CBS correspondent discovers ‘fun’ at The Raven

CBS News crew

I remember back when The Raven was under construction. It was during the fall and winter of 1994-95. We took a magazine writer on a construction tour and some coaster enthusiasts came along (for color commentary, so I learned). I must admit to initially thinking those people were nuts. By just looking at the positioning…

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The paper chase

Mrs. Koch and I were chatting outside the front gate yesterday. It’s always easy to find her in the morning, as she likes to greet our Guests as they approach the admissions area. “Hey! That’s the lady on TV!” Sometimes families stop to talk for a minute or two, maybe ask a question; but usually…

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Hospitality Training

It doesn’t just happen, folks. It’s not something in the water. … or in the free, unlimited soft drinks. We have to work on being friendly. It means reporting for work at 7:30 am for Hospitality Training. 7:30 am. In the morning. How friendly is that? We pack the Holiday Theater for three mornings this…

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A humbling evening

If you’re a faithful reader, you already know what a close relationship we have with the children, staff, and other supporters of the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center. Their smiles and laughter are more than enough thanks. The letters and coloring pages they send are a sweet bonus. And last night, they humbled us at the…

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