Proud Grandma, lucky grandchildren

Mrs. Koch always has cute stories about her grandchildren (she has 11; #12 is due in July). Beautiful little Anna was here last week. She’s two years old (and just-barely-two, not nearly-three). When Mrs. Koch took her to our Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch so that she could go on one of the kiddie rides, Anna had…

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Must be “sweeps week”

Oh, my: It’s Sweeps Week Erica and Jackson got married after 17 long years. Carrie and Bo are prepping their pipes. Thirty million headed over to Wisteria Lane to get some answers. … and Pat Koch is featured in a “Close Up” on Evansville TV this evening. The producer called yesterday and needed some additional…

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Friday the 13th brings good luck

It’s Friday the 13th and we are not open to the public. That’s because we are hosting our 13th annual Play Day for 2,200 children with disabilities. It’s a wonderful event and you’ll never see happier children. Here’s Mrs. Koch visiting with a young friend: Our thanks to all the wonderful children, their parents, teachers,…

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Christmas comes early for Mrs. Koch

decorated tree

When you look up “determined” in the dictionary, chances are Mrs. Koch’s photo will be there. Every season, there are two or three things that just bug her. Drive her crazy. Up a tree, even But she doesn’t gripe and complain. She figures out a way to change it. It’s usually something people whisper in…

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A story from the 1940s

1956 Bill Koch with parents

Mrs. Koch just called and told me this little story; she asked me to add it to our HoliBlog: On Sunday, there was a knock at her door. It was an elderly gentleman, who asked if she knew the whereabouts of L.J. Koch, Jr., an old friend. She explained that he had passed away; he…

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Would you like to take a walk?

Mrs. Koch in front of tiki head

A lot of children (and some adults) think working at a theme park is the coolest job imaginable. Yes, making families happy for a living is an amazing career. Permit me, however, to clear up a few possible misconceptions: No, we don’t get to go on rides all day No, we don’t take long lunches…

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