…with boughs of folly!

Santa with Santa Claus Land sign

Happy Saint Nicholas Day! This HoliBlog story was originally posted exactly 10 years ago today. —– I’ll bet every parent has a sweet and funny story about a little one not quite fully capturing the lines of a Christmas song. My James came up with “boughs of folly” last night. Didn’t have the heart to…

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Podcast: The Moose Out Front

We’ve made it to Episode 014 and are heading into our second half-year of podcasting! (That bit of non-math makes me think of when you have a baby and at first you keep track of age by days, then weeks, months and finally years. It’s a process.) We have many graphics to share this time…

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An audition for American Idol

Four years ago, a young man from Richmond, Virginia, auditioned to be in our musical shows. Rayvon Owen was invited to join us for the 2011 season, and we’re so glad he did. My middle son, John, worked tech for the shows that season. He remembers Rayvon as a really nice guy, with a voice…

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Are you a ‘middle child’?

The Legend Flag Set

Paula’s note: as a fellow “middle child,” I just had to take a few minutes on my day off to post Leah’s musings. My middle child, John, started laughing when I told him what I was up to: You should wait till tomorrow, Mom. That fits the Middle Child Syndrome perfectly – “Um, I really…

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Will Koch to the rescue

Will Koch on bass

What does it say when it takes the CEO of the company to replace you?  The Beachcombers‘ bass guitarist, John, needed the afternoon off to go graduate from high school* … so Will Koch was tapped to fill in *Despite taking the day off for his graduation, John was able to attend one of Will’s…

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The Beachcombers start rehearsing

These musicians met last night for their first Beachcombers rehearsal. They already seem to be “finding their vibe.” (That’s a phrase I learned when I sneaked in today to catch a bit of their act on video.) The good folks from Matt Davenport Productions are here coaching this fab four as they become our Beachcombers….

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It’s the spring of the year…

John's hair

…when the sweet, melodic voices of mothers all over southwest Indiana murmur to their darling teen-aged sons: Work starts on Saturday — time for your haircut! Exhibit A: You probably won’t recognize this friendly Holiday World Host from the past several seasons because, well … you can only see about 30 percent of his face….

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Shaken, but some weren’t stirred

I’ve been wanting to post for the past hour, but keep getting derailed by all the emails asking about The Earthquake. Thanks for caring. The coasters are fine. (Oh, and we are, too.) It was 4:36 this morning. The rattling began. Later, I thought of the ratty motels featured in movies and sitcoms — those…

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What’s that smell?

Most park smells are wonderful. The sweet aroma of funnel cakes … the mouth-watering wafts of grilling burgers. And there’s nothing like sunscreen. Mrs. Klaus’s Kitchen. ’nuff said. (Okay, okay … in the spirit of full disclosure there is the occasional person who forgets to apply his morning hygienic product, if you catch my drift….

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A post-script to yesterday’s story

Here’s a P.S. to tag yesterday’s post about Will’s top fan: Last night was Concerto Night at our high school. The annual Solo and Ensemble contest is coming up on Saturday, so it’s nice for the musicians to have the opportunity to perform in front of a friendly audience. James and I were sneaking in late,…

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Liz called from Cincinnati (they’re visiting The Gravity Group offices today, talking about The Voyage). Blimey! They read yesterday’s post already. Alastair is pleased. Good lad! Turns out he’s a Scotsman. What a coincidence. Just last night, my 14-year-old announced he wants to wear a kilt in marching band. (He just watched Braveheart for the…

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Back-to-school blues

I have a serious question. Has there ever been a documented case of a parent having a nervous breakdown while in the middle of back-to-school shopping? I come pretty close each year. There’s something about standing in a crowded discount store with a long list of items to buy. And they’re all crammed in two…

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