A Paint Job Most Fowl

We love a good pun here at Holiday World, and I could think of no better way to introduce the new paint on The Raven than with a little “fowl” humor.  If you’re not familiar with our The Raven: Evermore project that involves around 25% of our track, I recommend you check out our announcement…

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A purple puzzler

Earlier today we posted this rather interesting photo on our Facebook page and via Twitter.   Didn't say what it was, of course. (What fun would that be?) Lots of clever guesses were posted. Several matched my initial reaction – it sort of looks like we're painting all of our keyboards purple! Other folks guessed…

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A soothing office space

Tom's office space

You remember Tom, right? He’s getting a new office. Completely new. Even the walls. Now we’ve all learned that Feng shui literally means “air and water”… … but do the Chinese have a word for Pepto-Bismol? No, Tom isn’t moving into Barbie’s Dream House; it’s just his good friend Tommy needed to choose a primer…

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