The Eagles have sanded

Eagles Flight face

Every decade or so, our Eagles Flight ride gets a serious makeover. Those birds get plucked. Sanded down, actually. You know, like those high-priced treatments at a fancy spa. Here’s Joe…

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Podcast: Airtime!

Airtime! HoliWood Nights 2019

Matt and I flew solo this episode, and were delighted to reveal the movie theme chosen for next year’s HoliWood Nights: As construction begins on Santa’s Merry Marketplace, Matt gets…

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Service: more than a cornerstone

2017 Veterans

At Holiday World, we have four cornerstones: Safety, Service, Cleanliness, and Friendliness. Today, we’re thinking about one of those cornerstones just a bit differently. Service. More specifically, we wanted to…

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A Frightful restoration

Frightful Falls Boat After Painting

Note: The title of this post refers to the name of the ride in question, not the quality of the work! Yesterday, I found myself taking the short walk over…

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Ready to Ride! Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our winner – selected at random – Julie C. from Eureka, Illinois! Many thanks to all who entered. —– These gloomy winter days make us all long for…

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Who’s having a Blue Monday?

I’d not heard of the term “Blue Monday” until recently. Apparently, the use of “blue” isn’t a positive one. It’s all about winter having no end in sight, holiday bills,…

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Back on track

Celebrating our 70th Birthday!

What do you give a park for its 70th Birthday? That an easy one! You bring back its original ride to put on display for generations to see and reminisce….

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Painting a picture

Well here’s a different view of Thunderbird: These photos were taken by our Paint Shop Manager. He and Joe were up in a 150′ manlift yesterday morning. Painting. That’s right….

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Safety first!

Congratulations to our Maintenance & Paint Shop Teams for a full year of accident-free service.  

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A zoom out from yesterday’s photo

Nearly everyone guessed correctly. That’s our Paint Shop Manager on the ladder, painting. (About a month ago … a bit too chilly for that today.)   He’s painting the back…

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A brush with greatness

It’s a great big thing he’s painting, that’s for sure. So…what is it? Any ideas? We’ll let you know in a day or two.

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Making an impact

It’s so nice to meet a celebrity and feel you’ve met a friend. There are certainly plenty of sports figures with egos larger than a football field. But not Gary…

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