‘People’ loves our Festive Flurries

Festive Flurries - Sweet Stuff

Holiday World’s Festive Flurries are new this year. And people are noticing.  Well… “People” is noticing.  That’s right! Our Festive Flurries were featured alongside our Thanksgiving Dinner from Plymouth Rock…

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Watch us on Travel Channel!

Travel Channel host Jason Zone Fisher

We’ve just received word that our Coaster Quest episode will air again on Travel Channel! Tune in Sunday, June 24, at 6pm CDT Here’s a photo from the shoot: —— This…

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Turkey talk

As we prepare the park to reopen (five weeks from tomorrow!), you never know what you’ll see: Must be lunchtime; there’s a line at Plymouth Rock Cafe. #GobbleGobble pic.twitter.com/Vt7J2yQj1K —…

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Chow, baby!

Because there really is someone named The Hungry Cowboy. And he visited us. And he made a video: The Hungry Cowboy visited us, ate his fill, and made this video:…

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The key: Wiggly, but not floppy

Plymouth Rock Cafe Meal

We first posted this recipe nearly four years ago, and it is by far our most requested HoliBlog entry, so here it is again. With a photo and video, this…

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Minions with opinions

Last week, we asked a pair of Minions where they'd like to dine in the park. We took a photo and included it in our e-newsletter, with the challenge to…

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Twenty-two over seven

A little math problem to enjoy over lunch: Some of the lovely dessert items offered at Plymouth Rock Cafe (during the season).

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What’s that smell?

Most park smells are wonderful. The sweet aroma of funnel cakes … the mouth-watering wafts of grilling burgers. And there’s nothing like sunscreen. Mrs. Klaus’s Kitchen. ’nuff said. (Okay, okay…

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Food for thought

Once a week, we have a staff meeting. All the park directors meet with Will for an hour or so. The final item on each week’s agenda is a round-the-table…

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