Podcast: Season 3, Episode 12: The One With Tips for a Better Visit

The PodSquad reassembled for Season 3, Episode 12! It’s a tough task during daily operations, but Leah, Lauren, Nell, and Sabrina were back in the studio to dish out their favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of your day! But first, they turn on Momma Lauren with rapid-fire questions about the newest…

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 5: The One with Five Feedbacks

As you may know, we are Holiday World and we love holidays! In observance of Procrastination Week, we released Season 2 Episode 5 a few days late. Join the #PodSquad for another round of feedback, holidays, and… the Lollipop Guild? Matt E., Lauren C., and Leah K. were joined by Sabrina J. and Matt B….

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Podcast: The One with the Rise and Shine

This podcast is a sweet time capsule that we chose not to bury. Despite now having an early June opening day, our team will soon begin safely preparing our world-class parks, which is the perfect segue to introduce our guests for Season two, episode eleven: The wonderful Cathy G. and Chad Benefield joined us! Cathy…

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Podcast: The One with Some More Feedback

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The HoWoPo faithful really know how to make the PodSquad feel special! In the last feedback episode we caught up on an entire YEARS worth of feedback, luckily we are all caught up to 2020! Season 2, Episode 7 is available NOW!Enjoy the podcast yourself to hear more and to see which arbitrary holidays the…

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Podcast: The One with the Voyaging Cheetah Carousel

The Official Holiday World Podcast

It’s the off-season, but construction and maintenance are in full force all around the park! The PodSquad was joined by Sean S., Maintenance Planner, and Anthony V., Maintenance Manager to get an update on all the work being done on Voyage, Cheetah Chase, and the Star Spangled Carousel. We are so fortunate to have so…

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Minding the mint

Dippin' Dots sundaes

Is it the mint? Or maybe the crunch? Or the Oreos? Something about this new Dippin’ Dots flavor got People magazine so excited they posted an enthusiastic article about it. So we tweeted it: A culinary announcement so important it was featured in @People magazine! And yes, we’ll serve Cool Mint Crunch here – in…

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Memories of coaster names

1995 Brochure cover

We call it The Name Game here. Whenever we have something new, it needs a name. Over the years, we’ve spent untold hours coming up with themed names for attractions, restaurants, shops, and games. When our friends at CoasterRadio podcast asked me to call in to talk about how we came up with our coaster…

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“Yep, he’s real!”

Mick Foley at Santa statue

“Yep, he’s real!” is a phrase we hear pretty often here in the town of Santa Claus. And today, hundreds of thousands of YouTubers are hearing it as well, from Rhett & Link. At the very end of this Good Mythical Morning episode, our very own Santa statue gets a cameo: The rest of the…

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Podcast: The one with the Retiree

Mike and Joe

Mike Johannes has certainly never been thought of as a retiring sort of person. But after 26 years with us, it seems our Director of Sales is heading off to make some new adventures. We invited Mike to join us for this podcast episode, and he brought with him tales of golfing with Santa, chasing escaped…

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Podcast: Airtime!

Airtime! HoliWood Nights 2019

Matt and I flew solo this episode, and were delighted to reveal the movie theme chosen for next year’s HoliWood Nights: As construction begins on Santa’s Merry Marketplace, Matt gets evicted. Here are the “before” photos:   Check out how it looks now: Take a gander at how it’ll look when you visit next season:…

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Podcast: The Takeover

Lauren with Bacon Seasoning

With Paula away on vacation, the #PodSquad had a new host this week: Me! (Hence the title “The one where they all went Rogue.”) I had a lot of goals for this episode: create a new game, don’t screw up, and don’t screw up. I succeeded in creating a new game. Luckily, accountant Tiffany Leonard…

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Podcast: The one with the Lucite

Golden Ticket Awards - Lauren & Leah

The Lucite reference in the name of this episode is in tribute to the late Will Koch. Oh, how he loved “bringing home the Lucite.” And so, it seems, do his daughters We talk about last weekend’s Golden Ticket Awards and so much more on podcast episode 065: We’re just one weekend away from the start…

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