Seven frozen birds

Here’s the other truck, loaded with Turkey Whirl pieces. That first piece coming off the truck looks cold. Wondering if those guys are all daring each other to touch their tongue to it, a la Schwartz and the flagpole in The Christmas Story. Matt, our controller, can’t wait to ride. The longer the better, he…

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Golden memories

Hosting the Golden Ticket Awards was a blast. It was well over a year ago that we started bugging Amusement Today publisher Gary Slade that we wanted to host the Golden Ticket Awards again. Turns out he already had us in mind. (Surely it had nothing to do with him wanting to ride this new…

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Some little guests may be too independent!

Phone Find wristband

It’s happened to every parent — you turn around for half a second and your beloved child has disappeared. Often a quick look around the area and you’re reunited. A quick hug, maybe a brief scolding, and your life is back to normal. But for that moment, your heart stops. Last fall, we decided our…

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Time to whine

Update: In case you found this blog post (from 2005) in your quest to discover which time zone Holiday World is on, we’ll make it simple: Central Daylight Time. We realize most of Indiana is on Eastern, but our little corner of the state is on Central. —– Last night, the Indiana State Legislature made…

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P.A.S.S. me that extinguisher

Fire extinguisher training

Anyone driving by Holiday World at lunchtime today probably wondered what sort of tribal ritual we were performing. A tall man with a flaming torch lit a fire a pan of gasoline and water in the Raven Parking Lot. And we were all lined up (in a circle, actually) so that one by one we…

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