2019 Season ends with a magical proposal!

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Each year the end of the season is bittersweet, but this year our 2019 Season ended with a new beginning. We closed out our 2019 Season with a magical proposal! In early October, Derek reached out to our team for help planning a proposal for his son. Logan and his girlfriend Ashley were traveling here from…

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Jeff & Katie, sittin’ in a … coaster

Voyage is truly the roller coaster of love. (Sorry, now that song is stuck in your head, isn’t it? Misery loves company…) A coaster enthusiast emailed me a month or so ago, asking about how he could go about getting engaged here at the park. Is it rude of me to ask, "Are you SURE…

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A glassy proposal

glass shop proposal

Oh! A proposal! Maybe that new section should have been Valentine’s Day! … ’cause love was all around yesterday at Holiday World. Karen, who’s in our Human Resources Department, tells the story: On Thursday evening, July 21, a gentleman named Chris stopped by the Bavarian Glassblowers Shop to observe the artisan at work. He saw…

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A call from Afghanistan

It’s not often we get a phone call from Afghanistan, but a very special one came today. Joe Yeager is stationed there. He was supposed to be home by now, but there was a delay. And today is his wedding anniversary. Joe had plans to bring his family to Holiday World to celebrate. His question:…

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