Splashin’ Safari surprised us all!

It’s Splashin’ Safari’s birthday! Our water park opened on May 29, 1993. It was much smaller back then. In fact, our news release announced it would be a five-year project, costing $3 million. Boy, were we wrong! Here’s an article from The Herald, from back on October 30, 1992: What? SplashWater Safari? Yes, that was…

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Podcast: ProSlide CEO

Will Koch & Rick Hunter

We crossed the border this episode. A quick call to Ottowa (Ontario, Canada) and the CEO of ProSlide joined us for a fun chat about snow skiing, water coasters, and the passion to create. Here’s that photo I took of Rick Hunter and Will Koch right after Wildebeest opened. Two brilliant businessmen who never lost…

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Oops, wrong nest

For years we’ve joked that Splashin’ Safari is a showroom for ProSlide Technology. After all, the majority of the “cool stuff” in our water park is from them. Let’s see … Zinga, Bakuli, Hyena Falls, Otorongo, Mammoth … the list goes on and on. So when another park wants to shop around for a new…

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Blame Canada

Look who sneaked into Splashin' Safari a little early! Hmmm … Canada geese. Do you know that ProSlide – whose designers created the likes of ZOOMbabwe, Bakuli, Mammoth, Bahari and Wildebeest – is based in Canada? Oh, and they are also the crazy creators of our new Hyena Falls. Perhaps these two waterfowl (who promised…

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Dan gets the “boot”

Are you one of those people who easily takes on another’s accent? It has something to do with empathy levels, I think. Or maybe it’s just fun. I remember, years ago, getting on an elevator with a person from the UK (England, that is … not an institute of higher learning in a bordering state)….

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Problem solving the high-tech way

Test ball

Wow! Will Koch is getting into this HoliBlogging — two days in a row! (He cautioned me not to expect something every day. We’ll take what we can get, right?) This is from Will: Yesterday, our marketing director, John, called and said we needed to talk about the logo design for the water tower. We…

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