Podcast: The one with the Pyrotechnics

Fireworks through Thunderbird

We mixed it up today, with only two original podsquad members. That would be Lauren and me. And VP Matt, back again. But we needed a fourth … Who ya gonna call? Steven from IT! I somehow neglected to snap a photo of Steven while we recorded the ‘cast this morning. Until he sends me a more…

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Watch us on Travel Channel!

Travel Channel host Jason Zone Fisher

We’ve just received word that our Coaster Quest episode will air again on Travel Channel! Tune in Sunday, June 24, at 6pm CDT Here’s a photo from the shoot: —— This was originally posted on October 18, 2017. Get ready to start seeing this face on your TV this fall: Jason Zone Fisher is the host…

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Podcast: The British are Coming

Marcus Returning on Voyage

It is always a joyous day when we’re joined by the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain!   The British are coming? The British are here! ?@marcusleshock?, too! #Brilliant ?@RCCGB? pic.twitter.com/817LBDOlAe — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) June 13, 2018 After lunch, the group’s fearless leader sat down to be our guest on this week’s podcast: That’s…

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Podcast: Safety School

For the first podcast episode of the new year, we have a chat about iROC Safety School with International Ride Training co-owner Cindee Huddy:   Here is our iROC Audit Excellence Award, which we happily share with all of our Ride Operators from 2017 – well done! The week’s Voyage track work entailed building a…

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Podcast: Christmas in July

It’s sort of hard to believe it took us till our 37th episode to invite Santa to join us. But he’s a busy guy, after all … Santa’s a snazzy dresser – he reveals who creates his wardrobe: “Santa – we know him!” Look who’s joining the #PodSquad this morning! pic.twitter.com/BcIP9pr7D6 — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld)…

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A Top 10 list

What a nice surprise! Whenever I see a Top 10 list, I take a look to see if we’re in the mix. In this list, we’re not only one of the 10, we’re the only family-owned park included: RT @HPLifestyle 10 of the Best Amusement Parks in the U.S. https://t.co/9GbXGaFaUi pic.twitter.com/caYdmJGLaa — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) October…

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Coaster News Network

Have you seen the news? … that article detailing a study that indicates riding a roller coaster could help you with the dreadful task of passing a kidney stone? CNN picked up the story and posted it last night – using a picture of Thunderbird as the featured photo. We’re delighted, of course, but given that the…

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Podcast: Lost & Found Lady

Lauren with Pokemon

What a week! Guest Services Manager Angie is not only featured in an About.com article this month, she was also our Guest on today’s podcast episode. … because Angie has some great stories. Not only about Lost & Found but also the Holidog Inn. Here are a few photos to help illustrate this episode. Starting with…

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About Angie

Journalist Marcia Frost (love her last name!) visited us last month and one of her questions was, “What’s it like to live in a town called Santa Claus?” She was on assignment with About.com and her mission was to interview someone who could answer that question. Angie, our Guest Services Manager, sat down with Marcia…

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Indiana wants me*

*So now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. If you’ve listened to our latest podcast episode, you already know about this: #SaySomethingCompletelyHonest @TODAYshow, we’re not located in Orlando; we’re in Indiana! https://t.co/KmoWRWk5mB pic.twitter.com/V1A5EXcBpz — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) July 5, 2016 It’s always a thrill to get coverage on The Today Show, but when…

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The Legend lives on

This morning, while adding a new Legend video to our YouTube channel, I happened upon this wonderful piece of our history from 1999. It’s the day we announced we were building The Legend: Many thanks to David Ellis for posting this video of the late Will Koch announcing The Legend. We know Will would be…

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Show Me the launch

The irony was not lost on us … the reporter from Show Me St. Louis rode Thunderbird with her eyes closed! Dana was a good sport and even (kind of ) believed Matt when he told her she screamed the entire ride. Thunderbird remains the nation’s only launched wing coaster. Whether you ride with eyes…

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