Take cover!

Evansville Living cover story

There are Cover Girls and then there’s that stylish Cover Coaster. Thanks to Evansville Living magazine for the great feature about The Voyage! ___ Would you like to receive HoliBlog notices – along with news releases and sweepstakes – by email? Sign up here and you can choose whether to receive the emails weekly or the same…

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You’d better watch out!

Santa Claus

Here’s Jim Anderson’s radio story from today’s newscast on WBDC-FM: One just never knows when one might meet one of Santa’s Helpers. At the Vigo County School Corporation, there is a Hoosier Prairie fifth grader who will think twice before he starts to spread unfounded rumors about Santa Claus. He’ll probably think once more before…

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Crossing Over

Voyage's second hill

What a lovely fall day. Much better than yesterday. Not as chilly. Or as windy. Not even as muddy. Tom, the editor of Construction Digest magazine, and I took a lovely stroll from one end of The Voyage site to the other. Here’s something new … As you start up the lift hill, you may…

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They never did say “blimey”

Liz and David

What a disappointment. Not a single “blimey.” “Oh no … ” chirped Liz. “They only say ‘blimey’ in Mary Poppins!” They did, however, greatly add to my laudatory lexicon. Here are just a few words of British praise: Brilliant! Superb! Splendid! Sublime! Ace! Fab! Our Discovery Channel’s “Building the Biggest Coaster” crew is international. Meet…

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Everyone’s a comedian early in the morning

Blame it on lack of sleep. Our Discovery Channel crew got to their hotel close to midnight last night. We had plans to meet up at 5:30 this morning. (Note to self: When you know it might rain and that you’ll be wearing a hard hat most of the day, don’t bother getting up a…

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Liz called from Cincinnati (they’re visiting The Gravity Group offices today, talking about The Voyage). Blimey! They read yesterday’s post already. Alastair is pleased. Good lad! Turns out he’s a Scotsman. What a coincidence. Just last night, my 14-year-old announced he wants to wear a kilt in marching band. (He just watched Braveheart for the…

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The Brits are coming!

Brilliant! Remember last month, when we spoke mysteriously about a TV crew visiting the park as research for an upcoming show? It’s a “go.” Beginning Friday, we will host a four-member TV crew from the Discovery Channel. From London. England. The United Kingdom! I must admit, I’m an anglophile. Not to worry, I don’t go…

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A coaster nut, nearly cracked

Spending all of Friday with the crew from National Geographic Channel was great fun. Incredibly hot, though. It was around 90 degrees and quite humid. Poor Quinn, the associate producer. She’d packed clothes based on normal late-September Midwestern temperatures. (Most of the crew hailed from California.) I took a bunch of photos and will put…

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CBS correspondent discovers ‘fun’ at The Raven

CBS News crew

I remember back when The Raven was under construction. It was during the fall and winter of 1994-95. We took a magazine writer on a construction tour and some coaster enthusiasts came along (for color commentary, so I learned). I must admit to initially thinking those people were nuts. By just looking at the positioning…

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The Travel Channel cometh

… on Saturday! A crew from the Travel Channel will be here at the park with yours truly, shooting interviews and park footage all the live-long day. Will you be here on Saturday? And it’s always been your dream to appear on national television? … if only for a fleeting moment? This may be your…

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The quote that didn’t make it

It was so nice to wake up this morning to see this article in USA Today. (Their circulation is a whopping 2.2 million, baby!) Will did the phone interview with the reporter a month or so ago. I always try to sit in on these interviews. Not that I “catch” a mistake all that often,…

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It boggles the mind

Well, I guess we got your attention! Still, it boggles the mind.  Man, oh, man. When I asked the producer who was on site yesterday from WEHT TV if he knew how many people would have been able to stream our announcement before their site sent out “NO MORE!” error messages, he said, “Forty thousand.”…

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