What’s it all About.com?

About.com’s Arthur Levine is a man after my own heart. (Oh, wait — we’re not adding a Valentine’s Day section, so I can quit the misleading references. This could be a hard habit to break.) No matter how many Voyage puns I come up with, Arthur squeezes a few more out. Much to my delight!…

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Well, you did it, didn’t you?

You crashed their site! They weren’t planning to offer our announcement as an archived file. But since a lot of you didn’t get to see anything but an error message, WEHT-TV is kind enough to offer “re-runs.” And our friends at WFIE-TV are offering it, too. ___ Would you like to receive HoliBlog notices –…

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“You’re enjoying this too much!”

Since when is it a sin to enjoy your job? There’s a lot of chuckling going on around the office as we drop a hint here and there regarding next year’s record expansion project. Sometimes, even more information is uncovered internally as the days progress. (In other words, I head over to the Main Office…

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Must be “sweeps week”

Oh, my: It’s Sweeps Week Erica and Jackson got married after 17 long years. Carrie and Bo are prepping their pipes. Thirty million headed over to Wisteria Lane to get some answers. … and Pat Koch is featured in a “Close Up” on Evansville TV this evening. The producer called yesterday and needed some additional…

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Who was our mayor in 1959?

Mayor of Santa Claus Land

Thanks to Hilton for emailing me about an interesting story from our Santa Claus Land days. Hilton won a nation-wide contest. His prize? He was named Town Marshal of the town of Santa Claus for the entire year of 1959. Well, lookee here … Jerry, our archivist par excellence, found a photo and some articles…

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Time to whine

Update: In case you found this blog post (from 2005) in your quest to discover which time zone Holiday World is on, we’ll make it simple: Central Daylight Time. We realize most of Indiana is on Eastern, but our little corner of the state is on Central. —– Last night, the Indiana State Legislature made…

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You can hear it in St. Louis

The Raven

Last summer, we got a call from a travel writer with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Tom and I had been in touch for several years and it was great to know he planned to drive the three hours to visit us. Tom was particularly fun to walk with around the park. He was fascinated by…

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Would you like to take a walk?

Mrs. Koch in front of tiki head

A lot of children (and some adults) think working at a theme park is the coolest job imaginable. Yes, making families happy for a living is an amazing career. Permit me, however, to clear up a few possible misconceptions: No, we don’t get to go on rides all day No, we don’t take long lunches…

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