The Letterman racket

It’s time to climb into our way-back machine. Ready? It’s August 6, 1995. Twenty years ago. Two decades. A score. Hot as blazes here in Santa Claus. The Raven is…

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A long wait for David DeLong

David DeLong has waited – impatiently – for Thunderbird’s first launch since last July. We first met David almost exactly nine months ago. He was the “new guy” at WFIE-TV…

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Thunderbird fever

Thunderbird's Immelmann Loop

Thunderbird fever? Seriously. A few of our invited guests for Thursday’s Thunderbird Media Preview have mentioned calling work this week, sick with the Thunderbird Flu. My version of this mysterious…

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A look around for Louisville

Courtney from WDRB-TV

On Wednesday, we hosted a news crew from WDRB-TV in Louisville. You may notice I cropped the photo so that you can’t see how muddy Courtney’s shoes were. Between the…

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“Film at 4!”

Courtney from WDRB

We keep a supply of hard hats for visiting news media. We learned today we should keep some mud boots on hand, too. (VP James assured us we’re pouring lots…

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A hard-hat tour for 14News

Deanna from 14News in Evansville is an early riser. She sort of has to be; it’s her job. We met up with VP James at 5am to check out what…

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Chillin’ with the Thunderbird

Cutting rebar for Pepsi Oasis

We just finished up two hours of “live shots” with Deanna from WFIE-TV and boy, is it cold out there today! After a look inside our Maintenance Shop and then…

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Great Scott! Tune in Thursday night

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together an episode of reality TV? Not the table-throwing, wine-tossing kind of reality show … a nice, fun travel show. There’s…

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Just another Mammoth Monday!

Fox News Channel was looking for the nation’s top water-park rides, and they found Mammoth! Watch the latest video at

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What are you WISHing for?

Take a look at some WISH-ful thinking from early this morning: All will be revealed this evening starting at 8:15pm CDT: Please join us! And Happy Christmas Eve in…

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