A Chase of the Mondays

Kenny on Cheetah Chase

…get it? A “case” of the Mondays, but it’s for Cheetah Chase? Sorry to kick things off with a bad pun. But I have to share what a Monday in…

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The 11th Annual Holimpics

Team Australia 2015

Every year, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s HR department hosts the event of the season: the Holimpics. It’s the ultimate test of theme park athleticism where our Team Members form…

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‘People’ loves our Festive Flurries

Festive Flurries - Sweet Stuff

Holiday World’s Festive Flurries are new this year. And people are noticing.  Well… “People” is noticing.  That’s right! Our Festive Flurries were featured alongside our Thanksgiving Dinner from Plymouth Rock…

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Not exactly monkey business

Kima Bay bucket

And to think some people assume we just monkey around during the off-season … What does it take to get voted the #1 Cleanest Park in the World a full…

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Making Firecracker “pop”

So what is your New Year’s Resolution? Mine is to crank out more puns in 2017. Hence this blog post’s title. But really, isn’t this pretty? The sparkly top coat…

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Twisted tweets

Oh, those holidays. You know – the oddball ones we like to highlight in tweets and on Instagram. Such as “Talk Like Shakespeare Day” last Saturday. We put a little…

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Back on track

Celebrating our 70th Birthday!

What do you give a park for its 70th Birthday? That an easy one! You bring back its original ride to put on display for generations to see and reminisce….

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The Launching (Un)dead

Once again, our Graveyard Smash cast is killin’ it on stage. Our singing/dancing zombies deserve a little fun, too, don’t you think? Maybe a little thrill … er? We thought…

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Holidog’s diamond

… no, we’re not talking about jewels. Holidog visited a baseball diamond this week to throw out the first pitch at a Dubois County Bombers game. Would that make this…

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Sweepstakes: Almost Launch Time!

First Test Launch for Thunderbird | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Thanks to everyone who entered our sweepstakes – our winner is Faith C. from Franklin, Ohio. Faith wins four one-day tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari plus two nights…

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Michelangelo, da Vinci, and …

… Bolliger & Mabillard! You will louvre Thunderbird – it's a work of art! #LaunchPlans pic.twitter.com/cPFPdQa8a9 — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) March 3, 2015 This masterpiece opens in just 53 days!

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