A birthday card

Punster Kevin made my day: Happy 60th Birthday! What a Voyage it has been. The park is a real Legend in the amusement park world. I just can't stop Raven about you. There are so many parks that Watubee just like you. If I could be at the park today, I would start The Wave…

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Poulty puns

Our friend Arthur Levine is the Theme Park “Guide” at About.com. He loves puns. And he’s really good at finding less-obvious ones. His weekly e-newsletter arrived this morning, bemoaning that from all he’d heard about The Voyage, he wouldn’t be able to call it a “turkey.” So, of course, I emailed him. Me: Hope you…

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On the road again

Holidog at Graceland

He’s on the road again, our Holidog. You may remember he arrived in the mail just prior to Christmas and then whisked off to Florida for the colder months. Now he’s heading west. And apparently, he’s driving. A dog’s got to eat, right? So our little tourist made a point of chowing down at the…

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Brown Dog’s Day

Excuse me – Brown Dog’s Day? This just in from our traveling friend, Holidog: French Creek Freddie, Shubenacadie Sam, Claude the Crawfish, and, of course, Punxsutawney Phil. All famous prognosticators. And now, after receiving my training through a Sally Struthers online course, I’m one too. In fact, I’m the world’s first dog-nosticator. I replaced Gator-nosed…

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“Outstanding Concrete Achievement Award”

Bahari theming

I kid you not. This award exists. And in a few weeks, that award will be proudly displayed here at Holiday World. I’m afraid I may have offended Steve a bit; I grinned and started laughing when he told me about the Outstanding Concrete Achievement Award. “You’re joking, right?” I chuckled. My chortle quickly choked…

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Some dark details

Gobbler Getaway plans

Everyone knows what a roller coaster is. But not everyone is all that sure about the term “dark ride.” Here’s a primer: It’s in the dark You ride in a multi-passenger car It’s indoors You will ride in air-conditioned comfort If you’re not already sold, how about this: as you move from room to room,…

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Holidog’s Voyage

Holidog’s voyage? I guess this shouldn’t surprise me. After all, my parking spot here at work is just a few spaces down from one marked “Santa Claus.” But … … I just received an email from Holidog Complete with pictures! Here’s some of the message: In celebration of our new themed area, I have decided…

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FAQ: The Voyage

Still losing the battle of the emails. (At last count, I’d reduced my Inbox from 154 to 129 emails. All were full of questions.) Since so many folks are asking the same questions, here are some quick answers. 1. Yes, the HoliBlog will continue. 2. Yes, the HoliBlog will provide ongoing construction updates and photos….

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What’s it all About.com?

About.com’s Arthur Levine is a man after my own heart. (Oh, wait — we’re not adding a Valentine’s Day section, so I can quit the misleading references. This could be a hard habit to break.) No matter how many Voyage puns I come up with, Arthur squeezes a few more out. Much to my delight!…

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A virtual bouquet


It’s not just our friends from Atlanta bringing a bouquet of flowers. Looks what newlyweds DJ and Rebecca sent: These are photos of flowers from around the park in 2004. Back when their love, too, was just budding. Bloomin’ romantic, don’t you think? ___ Would you like to receive HoliBlog notices – along with news…

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Petal pushers

How nice is this? Petal pushers! Heading out to the Front Gate to meet with yet another travel writer last Friday morning, I saw two nice-looking fellows standing by the Group Sales building, holding a bouquet of flowers. How sweet. Maybe someone’s getting engaged. Or meeting up with old friends. Well, I was half right….

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A brief panic

Driving home last night, there it was … By the side of the road. On the shoulder. On its side. A sneaker. Tennis shoe. Casual footwear. Left behind by someone. How do you lose a shoe on the highway? Do you fling it out the window because the Odor Eater finally gave out? Does it…

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