Top of the World

View from the Top of Voyage

On your average day at Holiday World, thousands of guests take in the spectacular views from the top of The Voyage‘s lift hill. Not many get to experience it for more than a few seconds though. They’re typically enjoying the ride, getting ready for that first drop, and deciding if they want to throw their…

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Podcast: Mix It Up Menu

Admissions-area rainbow

Our pal Tammy from F&B is back again to tell us about what’s new on the food front this season: I promised to post photos of some of the Premium Cabana Meals, starting with the Fruit Platter: Next on the menu is the Chicken Tenders Platter: And the Shrimp Platter: Just like our Pick Your Price…

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Rainbow over the ‘World

It's been a crummy couple of weather days. We keep saying, "Well, at least it isn't ice" and "Look on the bright side — if this was snow, we'd be buried!" But still, all this gloomy, drizzly rain has been a bummer. Until this, just a few minutes ago… Normally, I'd give Marketing Intern Ryan…

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Look to the rainbow

It's a pretty difficult challenge choosing the winners of our Facebook Fan Page Photo Contest. In just a few weeks, more than 500 wonderful photos have been uploaded. (May just have to extend the contest a few extra weeks…) Our latest winning photo shows two children from Kokomo ending their day at Holiday World. Seven-year…

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