Not just silly, absolutely silly

Real Simple magazine published a “special travel issue” this month. It includes all sorts of fun lists. You know, like “U.S. Cities That Hardly Sound Inviting” (including Smelley, Alabama, and Satan’s Kingdom, Vermont) and “Five Places Where You Can Climb A Tree–and Sleep In It.” And then there’s this one: “Nine Roller Coasters That Will…

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The first sign of Spring

Raven car waiting to be placed onto tracks

No, it’s not a robin. Instead of a sweetly tweeting bird, it’s a loudly roaring crane. The Raven’s two trains are back from their winter vacation in Pennsylvania. They weren’t exactly at a fancy foo-foo spa, but let’s just say their inner workings were well oiled and massaged. Bob, Elmer and Lee are readying each…

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The colonel and the coaster

It’s been nearly a week since we hosted the “Partnership for Peace” exchange group from Slovakia. It was fun to see that speaking different languages doesn’t really get in the way of fun. Or coaster riding. Oh, how I wish I could remember his name. He’s the Colonel. It was obvious he was in charge…

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Father and son

The Raven

With the majority of our State (not to mention Louisville and Cincinnati) on “fast time” and our portion of Indiana on “slow time,” there are a number of people who arrive at the park, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, a little on the early side. I pulled into my parking space a little before 8am CDT. The…

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“Wanna see my ring?”

It’s happened again. Another HoliCouple. Joe and Kayla, sittin’ in a … … coaster? They met here eight years ago, working in rides. So when Joe gathered up his courage to pop the question (although his friends feared he’d faint), he wanted to do it somewhere special. At The Raven. Kayla happily said yes and…

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C is for Coaster … and Cute

Heard from a pal in Massachusetts this morning. He had a cute story about his seven-year-old daughter, Ella: She’s in speech therapy (some issues with S, Th, and R sounds). Yesterday the therapist was doing a series of R words. After a bunch of relatively mundane ones, Ella piped up, very enthusiastically, with “RAVEN!” and…

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One last day for the auction

Gary and James on The Raven

The excitement is just beginning for our eBay charity auction. We’re down to the last day, so it should get wild in the coming hours. We’ve received lots of wonderful feedback as well as a few emails asking for some coaching so that they are sure to win. No big secret: Bid more money than…

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Wanted: 1,500 smiling faces

1995 seasonal employees

This time of the year, I must admit I find myself murmuring, “I’m so glad I’m not in Operations” on a daily basis. Not loudly, though. It would get on the Operations Staff’s last nerve. For the 2006 season, we plan to hire 1,500 Hosts & Hostesses. That’s a lot. Especially considering that the first…

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Come ride in October!

Just in case you haven’t looked at the 2005 Park Hours page on our website, please take note that for the next three weekends we are not open to the public. Don’t worry, you’re welcome to ride in October!  We have been “bought out” by various local corporations for a series of private parties for…

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What a difference a decade makes

Raven 3D

Actually, it was 11 years ago that we announced The Raven. I’ll never forget that day. And our … well … “model.” It was remarkably low tech But it was all we had. No virtual ride, no streaming video, no sound effects, no 3-D renderings. Will recently dug the model out of his office closet…

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