My Second First Day

Reindeer Games

I officially joined the team at Holiday World on the 12th. Well, I suppose that statement needs a bit of clarification. My first day in the Communications Department was on Monday, June 12th. My first day running rides in Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch was on Saturday, August 12th. After volunteering to help our Rides team, I…

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Highlights from podcasts past

Since the Holiday World Podcast is produced every other week, during the “off” weeks we bring you video highlights. Here’s a tip about not-to-miss rides plus a look at that new taste treat at Sweet Stuff: Do you enjoy our podcast? Please post feedback using the #HoWoPo hashtag – and maybe even rate us on iTunes?…

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Oil can!

After about the third time watching this Vine video, the little girl's squeal starts to sound like a squeak. Time to call Maintenance Director Tony?

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Hon, where’d you put the keys to the ark?

Got rain? We do. Lots and lots. It's like living inside a car wash. Luckily, Rachel took some photos last week before the clouds rolled in. Rick is working on the panels for Reindeer Games before it goes vertical next week. And what's this? Could it be the "decorative cupola" for Star Spangled Carousel? Indeed,…

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Rudolph’s nose would come in handy

Little Girl with Hands Up on Reindeer Games

My, my, how it does snow, sleet and rain here in Santa Claus. What a mess. Before chipping the ice off my car and heading for home, here — as promised — are photos of the newly arrived Reindeer Games: Closer to opening, this will go vertical, of course, in Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch. And here…

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