Top of the … mushroom?

It’s not close enough to Saint Patrick’s Day for us to be greeting each other with Top of the mornin’! just yet … … so “Top of the mushroom” definitely needs an explanation. This, as you probably know, is our Revolution ride. It’s a classic Round Up ride. That piece in the center is called the mushroom….

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Twelve years ago, on April 7, 2005, we launched the HoliBlog. Blogs weren’t really a “thing” yet, so we had some explaining to do (just as we’ve had to explain the concept of a podcast to the uninitiated over the past year). In fact, we were the first park in the world to have its…

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Bad hair day

Tori and Will

This Bad Hair Day photo of Tori, our hard-working rides director, is brought to you courtesy of Will: Now, how nice is that? Tori was trying to lighten the mood in the office and grabbed a (brand-new-and-unused, I hope!) mop-head and tossed it on her noggin. Kind of a Raggedy Ann/punk look. Will’s immediate reaction…

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You have to listen to win

Please note: This contest has concluded and the prize awarded. — This is one of those contests where you have to be listening to the right radio station at the right time if you want a chance to win. “Win what?” you ask. Win this: Ain’t it a beauty? All you need to do is…

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So, who won the truck?

Remember the amazing truck that was on display in the Christmas plaza? And the contest sponsored by our friends at WBKR radio station? The 33 finalists gathered here Saturday morning and each picked a spot on Revolution. A quick spin of the wheel and… A tie The special arrow added to the ride just for the contest…

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Around and around we go!

Revolution at night

Well. Maybe not we. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with getting older, but those circular rides make me sick. Sorry, I can’t “spin” this into something positive, but it really doesn’t matter, does it? You either like to put centrifugal force to the test or you don’t. I’ll  gladly pass Back…

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