The scoop about Waffle Cone Lights

Rick making Waffle Cone Lights

This time of the year (gulp – we’re just two weeks from Opening Day!), changes happen so quickly that it’s a challenge to catch them all for you to see….

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66 Hours to See

If you are one of the rabid fans who counted down the days with us before we announced Thunderbird in late July, you’ll either laugh – or more likely grit…

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Frank, Vamp, or Pumpkin Head?

As our Director of Special Events, Eric is having a blast planning our Happy Halloween Weekends. His office is overflowing with Halloween paraphernalia and his brain is at the point…

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Who painted those murals?

Santa murals

Those beautiful Christmas murals in Kringle’s Kafe? This news report from 1991 reveals all. (Plus, it highlights some interesting hairstyles.) Take a careful look at the calendar on Santa’s wall…

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