The Best Holiday

Photo of Construction site, mostly concealed by construction fence. Former Pilgrim's Plunge Station has partial demolition.

With the 4th of July behind us, I can’t help but notice that each holiday has its committed fans. Have you ever met a true Halloween fan? Or a true…

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Coaster class

The Striker coaster design (school project)

Were you lucky enough to have an incredible science teacher back in the day? You know, the kind who made science understandable, interesting and even fun. Even though it was decades…

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Podcast: See You In September

Today’s podcast recording felt like the last day of school (for those who remember being overjoyed when that day arrived; I’m not one of them – I used to cry)….

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Barn-again coaster

If you’ve watched our Thunderbird animation, you already know that our new roller coaster doesn’t exactly sputter to a lackluster ending. Not hardly. In fact, we save not one –…

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The height of anticipation

One of the most  common questions we receive when we add a new roller coaster is, “How tall do you have to be to ride?” And then a few also…

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These dummies are ready

There’s something about test dummies. They’re very eager. Case in point: Thunderbird will have two trains. One is here already and the other will arrive next month. Testing begins in…

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That’s so Edgar

The Raven

That’s so predictable. Another day, another travel writer. Another park tour. And another chuckle. The cute little neighbor girl she’d brought along (for a child’s view of the park) unintentionally…

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