HoWoHacks: Kid Safety

If your goal is to leave Holiday World with the same number of kids you came with, these are the hacks for you! Read on to learn safety tips to keep your trip fun and memorable! For this post, I’ll be using a picture from our last trip of the 2018 Season. HoWoHack #1: Take…

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The training train

Holidog Express train ride

It is training season here at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari: Foods training, Lifeguard drills,  Sweeper coaching, Admissions instruction … the list goes on and on. Come to think of it, there’s even train training. There’s also lots of Safety Training. Each department has its own, and there are additional company-wide sessions. This one is…

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Safe to say: “He won!”

Adam named Best Student

What do we do during the seemingly endless off-season? Well, we: Build things Hire our seasonal team Catch up on all the things we don’t get accomplished during the season And … take lots of off-season training Much of our off-season training involves keeping up to date on safety. That’s safety for our Guests and…

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AIMS high

Don’t worry, I already gave Sean a hard time over those palm trees in the background. “Rub it in, will ya?!” He assured me it wasn’t all that warm in Texas last week. These members of our Maintenance Team just got back from a week at AIMS training and certification. AIMS stands for Amusement Industry Manufacturers…

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Enter our Be Cool Sweepstakes!

Congratulations to our winner (chosen at random): Stacy D. from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thanks to all who entered! —– The start of summer is just around the corner – let’s celebrate with a new sweepstakes! But first, a public service announcement: Please take some steps to Be Cool this summer and you’ll be glad you…

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Hard Hat Chronicles, episode XX

Voyage Crossing

Question: When were fractions invented? Was it after Roman Numerals were already in place? … because both XIX.V and XIX I/II just look wrong. And so, we’ll move on and call this second part of Episode XIX simply Episode XX. (If you haven’t watched Episode XIX yet, please go back and take a look.) In this episode,…

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My Second First Day

Reindeer Games

I officially joined the team at Holiday World on the 12th. Well, I suppose that statement needs a bit of clarification. My first day in the Communications Department was on Monday, June 12th. My first day running rides in Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch was on Saturday, August 12th. After volunteering to help our Rides team, I…

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This Coaster Cat …

… doesn’t mind the water one bit! #ThankYouThursday to Coaster Cat Brad (a certified diver) for safety-inspecting the piers at Raven’s lake turn. — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) August 11, 2016 The piers at Raven‘s lake turn got two thumbs up following their safety check.

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A wave of gratitude

After two perfect-score safety audits in a row, we just had to give a big shout-out to our lifeguards and slide attendants: Congratulations to our Splashin’ Safari team, who received a perfect score on their safety audit today! #lifeguard #slideattendant #holidayworld #safetyfirst A photo posted by Holiday World (@holidayworld) on Jul 22, 2016 at 7:02pm…

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What to know about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go at Admissions

As Holiday World’s resident geezer, I clearly remember when Pokemon first made an appearance in popular culture. Somewhere in the back of a closet shelf at home we no doubt still have piles of Pokemon collector cards and battery-drained Game Boys. Memories of cherished days with youngsters growing up. Gotta catch ’em all “Pokey-what? Do…

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Podcast highlights: Thunderbird, blue sand, and Will

We’re half-way between podcast episode 003 and 004, so here are 003’s highlights, with video: The Mystic Blue name for our new filter sand … … (which is clearly not blue), reminds me of this post from the first year we blogged, 2005: Q: When is the color green … blue? We sure hope you’re…

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This is only a test

Do you remember school fire drills? As kids, we’d scurry down the hallway knowing we’d get a few extra minutes of “recess” as part of the drill. It was a good thing. Here at Holiday World, we conduct drills, too. And yesterday evening was a big one. For the better part of a year, our staff…

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