Podcast: Promises Kept

Leah - Golden Ticket Award

I won’t ruin the surprise, but a promise made long ago (and repeatedly) was finally kept this morning … The Golden Ticket Awards were held last weekend in Connecticut. Leah was pleased as punch to accept the #1 Water Park Ride award (Wildebeest‘s eighth win in as many years). ^ Bonus points if you can…

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Podcast: Moola Moola

We started off this podcast episode with a throwback to last time’s 33 Degrees Challenge that involved a bank mascot by the name of Moola Moola. He was around back in 1984 and he still exists! We hope you enjoy this episode! Congratulations to our Henry Wilhite for winning a Hoosier Hospitality Award at the…

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Podcast: The name game


The #PodSquad has the upcoming eclipse on the brain this episode: We were delighted to be included in CBS News’s list of “scariest coasters” yesterday:   Happy #NationalRollerCoasterDay! If you’re a thrill-seeker, add these stomach-flipping rides to your bucket list: https://t.co/bbrNiTkG11 pic.twitter.com/yCnmt1ItLh — CBS News (@CBSNews) August 16, 2017 We fondly remember that day in…

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Podcast: Holidog Days of Summer

Podcast - Dole Whip

Our daily season is winding down (daily operation lasts through August 9, and then we’re open weekends-only) and the #PodSquad is looking forward to, above all, wearing anything but those yellow uniform shirts! We hope you enjoy our latest episode: We start with a chat about our recent appearance on the Travel Channel. Emma was…

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Podcast: The Return of the IT Guy

It's a boy!

IT Director Matt energized the #PodSquad early on with the declaration: “You don’t really need money anymore.” Find out what he was referring to (and a whole lot more) here in our latest podcast episode: Raspberry Pie sounds delicious! IT Matt hands one to Eric for consideration. Here’s that video of the Boom Squad (don’t…

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Podcast: Wooden you like to know?

For podcast episode 025, we invited the park’s director of maintenance, John Woodard to join us and answer your questions about our wooden roller coasters. Here’s John: A few notes: Here’s the link to the photo of Baked Alaska from our Santa Claus Land days. The breakdancing we talked about during 33 Degrees? Prepare to…

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Podcast: December dreams

It’s been a full month since the #PodSquad assembled, so we kicked off December with memories of Thanksgiving, a mannequin video, and plans for 2017: Here’s the AtlasObscura article about our “thematically relevant roller coaster.” So sad about the loss of Mrs. Brady. From left, Leah Koch, Florence Henderson, Lauren (Koch) Crosby, and Lori Koch. And…

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Podcast: The Season Wrap

I must warn you about this episode of the Holiday World Podcast: It’s the end of the season and we let off just a little bit of steam. And I’m not talking about November 8, National STEAM Day. We hope you enjoy our silly stories: When we talk about STEM/STEAM Day, we mention Artrageous with…

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Podcast: The One with Mankind

Today was a podcast day like none other. Our guest today was Mick Foley, who used our podcast to make a really exciting announcement about his next project. Michael Francis Foley is one heck of a storyteller. If you’re a wrestling fan, you already know that. But even if you’ve never tuned in to an…

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Podcast: See You In September

Today’s podcast recording felt like the last day of school (for those who remember being overjoyed when that day arrived; I’m not one of them – I used to cry). We were just … giddy. Reining in the PodSquad was nearly impossible. But we had a wicked good time and hope you do as well….

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Seven decades of pictures

Here’s to seven decades of fantastic photographic fun! Thanks to all who sent us pictures to include in this video and the Memories Mosaic in our 70th Birthday Plaza. From the old Brownie cameras to today’s cell-phone cameras, every captured memory is precious. Here’s to our next 70 years!

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Podcast #007: May Flowers

It’s podcast time again! Here are a few teasers … A tasty surprise. A promo code. A plant with a Halloween theme: Ride names from our Santa Claus Land days: And a binge-watching, Legend-riding, oboe-playing, new-shirt-wearing Leah! We hope you enjoy our newest episode: By the way, when we reference 66 Days at Sea, this…

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