Pasta perfect

Bill Koch meeting the creator of Fettuccine Alfredo

When a family-owned business has been around for 65 years, there are always new discoveries. By that I mean … we’re forever finding precious old photos and mementos tucked away…

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That other “ho-ho-ho!” guy

As a child, growing up far, far away from the town of Santa Claus, it just didn't seem right. There was some other guy claiming "ho-ho-ho" as his own on…

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There’s one in every crowd

We've all done it while posing for a group photo. Someone has to be the clown, right? Whether it's the fingers-in-a-V behind your brother's head or crossing your eyes, you've…

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“Oh, heavens!”

Joe Hevron, Army photo

If, in the past 65 years, you worked at Santa Claus Land or Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, you will no doubt recognize that phrase. And who said it. Oh,…

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Do you remember your first visit?

Steve does. He grew up visiting his grandparents in Bedford, Indiana, each summer … and remembers the "long, long" drive to Santa Claus Land back in the 1950s. His mom…

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Birthdays are holidays, too …

… so let’s take a minute to say Happy Birthday to a very special man. Bill Koch was born in Evansville on January 10, 1915. He graduated from Reitz High…

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A fowl memory of Santa Claus Land

We received a confession, of sorts, from Ginger via email this week. The Bloomington, Indiana, lady graciously gave us permission to make this a public confession. We searched our photo…

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Santa Claus Land Children’s Choir

1970 Santa Claus Land Children's Choir

Has it really been 40 years? All these children are grown now, with children (and maybe even grandchildren) of their own. Time, it seems, flies as fast as Santa’s sleigh…

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Do you remember Santa Claus Land?

We started out, back in 1946, as a park called Santa Claus Land. Here’s a rather remarkable precursor to today’s infomercial. And yes, it includes a darling Santa Jim cameo….

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