More memories of feathered friends

Baseball-playing chicken

It’s amazing the Santa Claus Land memories that are stirred whenever we talk about the Educated Animals. Here’s an email from last week: I really appreciated the picture of the educated animals. I tried to tell my wife about them but could not do it justice. One of my greatest memories is of my mother…

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Signs of spring

Fire Chief Rabbit

Good grief, we had quite the “in like a lion” spring storm this afternoon. The “signs of spring” are impossible to miss this year. A local radio station was counting down the end of a Tornado Warning with, “Two more minutes until the tornado gets here.” Is that really necessary? Happily, a bit of wind…

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Will’s favorite ride


When you saw the subject line of this post, you probably assumed the top was going to be coasters. Right? That’s a reasonable assumption, but truth be told there’s another ride from Will’s childhood that is right there at the top. Pump cars. See them there, in the middle of the photo? This is the…

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Could it really be?

A while back, we gasped at the thought of so many future stars having appeared at Santa Claus Land many, many years ago. By golly, it’s happened again. We’re working with a publishing company in producing a pictorial history book of Santa Claus Land and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari for this, our 60th season….

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Good-bye, old friend …

… you nauseated me no end. Even walking by the Virginia Reel was a challenge to some. Turning and spinning wildly. The air full of the sweet scent of funnel cakes. (Whose wicked idea was that? Putting a tilt-a-whirl right next to a funnel cake stand?) Interested in the ride’s history?  It was manufactured by…

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Anyone know these beauties?

We were sorting through some archival photos the other day and wondered about this photo: Goodness! Is that Marilyn? And what’s with those high heels? Must be beauty queens. (If so, where are their sashes? Their tiaras? Didn’t they have tiaras back then? What good is it being a beauty queen if you don’t get…

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Was it this hot?

Santa on ice

Was it this hot back before we had Splashin’ Safari? It’s just hard to believe, isn’t it? What did people do before water parks? Before wave pools and fountains? Before air conditioning? How did they keep cool? Santa had the right idea Was it this hot back then? Best I can tell, Santa is sitting…

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Attention all Holiday World Hostesses!

Getting tired of wearing those khaki shorts day after day? Don’t quite like the fashion statement those white tennies make? And that blue shirt — not a good color on you? Well, get a load of these Santa Claus Land uniforms for park hostesses from long ago: Thanks to Christina from Texas who sent this…

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Happy birthday to … us!

Happy birthday! It was 59 years ago today that Louis J. Koch opened the world’s first theme park, Santa Claus Land. Fifty-nine years later, LJK’s grandson Will keeps up the family tradition along with his mom and two of his daughters. Plus, there are hundreds of us who feel as if we’re part of the…

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“We finally made it!”

Santa Claus Land logo

Here’s a wonderful note we received: Well, it took more than 30 years, but I finally made it … to Santa Claus Land! When I was a little girl growing up here in Cincinnati, I remember seeing commercials or something for Santa Claus Land in Indiana. I wanted to go there so bad After all,…

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Brochure baby

We received an email from Connie yesterday. Asking about old brochures. Santa Claus Land brochures. Connie’s not a collector, though. Not of brochures, anyway. It’s just her daughter’s photo was once in a Santa Claus Land brochure. Somehow, over the years, Connie’s copy of that brochure was misplaced. Connie was a college chum of a…

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We work at Walt Disney World

Here’s a lovely note from some Disney World cast members. In 1948 my Mother, Father and I came to Santa Claus Land, at Santa Claus, Indiana. I thought it was great. Boy, have you changed! ( I still have picture of that trip.) On July 5, 2005, 14 of my family members came to Holiday…

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