A focus on snow

Holidog statue after an ice storm

Are you a fan of snow? This drone footage was shot a year ago, when the park was under a blanket of the lovely stuff. Here in southern Indiana, we don’t usually get a lot of snow. And when we do, it doesn’t last long. But when we do … We take photos! Here are…

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“Yep, he’s real!”

Mick Foley at Santa statue

“Yep, he’s real!” is a phrase we hear pretty often here in the town of Santa Claus. And today, hundreds of thousands of YouTubers are hearing it as well, from Rhett & Link. At the very end of this Good Mythical Morning episode, our very own Santa statue gets a cameo: The rest of the…

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Facebook: By the numbers

Henry Facebook Post 2017

When I joined Facebook back in July 2005, you had to go to thefacebook.com when you wanted to sign in. It never would have crossed my mind that over a decade later, I’d be signing in to the website every day as part of my job. It’s a big part of how we communicate with…

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A Minecraft look at Holiday World

… and Splashin’ Safari. And even our Santa statue: At first, I really felt badly that I’d missed the “hey, take a look!” tweet from the creator of this impressive Minecraft rendition of our parks: … by several months. But when I noticed the date of the tweet and saw it was posted the day…

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Use caution, player!

You’ve just entered … … the Santa Zone! @HolidayWorld going for the dunk, getting stuffed by Santa! pic.twitter.com/6BnCplvBGJ — Tara Lloyd (@TaraMLloyd) July 18, 2014

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A park with a Street View

Google Street View Trekker

When you have a parking spot in the same tiny lot as a fellow named Santa Claus, not much surprises you. But this vehicle certainly caught some attention this morning: Look who parked right next to Santa today. pic.twitter.com/qldUGY5atY — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) May 16, 2014 Here’s our “trekker,” Alberto, right before heading out to…

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#SantaSighting Sweepstakes

Thanks to all who entered! Here are our winners: Bryan B. from Strongsville, Ohio Linda K. from Fenton, Missouri Kim H. from Henderson, Kentucky Each winner receives two one-day tickets. Didn’t win? Be sure to subscribe to the HoliBlog and watch our Facebook page for more opportunities to “enter to win.” ——- He sees you…

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Santa: As seen on TV

So what’s the deal with Santa in our new television commercials? You know, this guy: He gives a tour of our headquarters … … he chairs the boardroom meeting … … and holds his sizable head in his hands when the Pilgrim suggests offering Free Butter Churning Lessons at the park: What’s the deal? The…

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“Reel Picks” Sweepstakes

Thanks to all who entered our Reel Picks Sweepstakes – we truly appreciate all the voting and comment posting! Our four winners (chosen at random) have been notified by email: Debra A. from Chrisney, Indiana, is our Grand Prize Winner Shella K. from Shepherdsville, Kentucky, is our Second Place Winner Dawn F. from Indianapolis, Indiana,…

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Frank incensed

Twitter can be a tough nut to crack. But pieces of shell went flying all over my office this morning when I started channeling Frank Costanza of Seinfeld fame: “You want a piece of me? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?!” #SantaCake #FrankCostanzaMemories pic.twitter.com/mRTCo3mRCp — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) February 25, 2014 @MojoMissy Thanks! I’ve had…

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Marie Antoinette said it best …

So far in 2014 we’re two-for-two when it comes to All Hands Meetings. Last month, as you may recall, we had an an off-site “meeting,” and this month … What do you think? Too gorgeous to slice into and devour? Did you really have to think about that one? Of course, we talked about safety,…

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