A new number

Just because the announcement is in the past, that doesn’t mean the hints, teasing, and a mysterious number or two have gone away. Perish the thought! Tomorrow, we will receive a huge delivery on the Snowy White Gravel Road. Included will be 80,000 … things. We’ll post some photos and more info once the trucks…

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Voyage construction photos

early Voyage construction

Rachel, who is truly a wonderful person, offered to head up to the Voyage construction site this morning. She set out before it got too hot to take some photos for you. All together now: Thank you, Rachel! Let’s start out by looking from side to side at the top of the hill when you…

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“You’re enjoying this too much!”

Since when is it a sin to enjoy your job? There’s a lot of chuckling going on around the office as we drop a hint here and there regarding next year’s record expansion project. Sometimes, even more information is uncovered internally as the days progress. (In other words, I head over to the Main Office…

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A new road in town

New road in town

Santa Claus is a cute little town. About 2,200 population, with street names befitting the town’s theme: Snowbell Lane, Sled Run, even Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (I swear! I’ll post a photo of the very long street sign someday). When a new road appears, it’s a bit startling And when the road is…

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