The Secret: How we kept it

It’s been a little more than a month since our announcement for 2015, and I’m still in shock that we managed to keep this massive project under wraps. And I’m…

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Got good “coaster hair”?

Years ago, we were hosting a Discovery Channel crew, here to shoot footage of coaster enthusiasts riding The Legend roller coaster. The field producer had a very specific request: "Find…

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The meeting

Whenever I explain this blog to the uninitiated, I use the phrase "pull back the curtain." This online journal allows us to give you a peek behind the scenes. (It…

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Top o’ the morning!

Voyage's 2nd 90-degree section

Got ‘er done. Our Voyage topping ceremony is complete We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. Just about everyone started out wearing jackets, but they didn’t stay on long….

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A-topping we will go!

Voyage construction

Driving south on Highway 162 will never look the same. The VBC (Very Big Crane) will get quite a workout today. We know the height of the crane now. Steve…

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80-thousand strong

screw label

The delivery arrived this morning, and we’re 80-thousand strong. Two semi-loads. Eighty-thousand times three, actually. It wouldn’t all fit in the storage trailer. When Steve told us about the upcoming…

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