The Secret: How we kept it

It’s been a little more than a month since our announcement for 2015, and I’m still in shock that we managed to keep this massive project under wraps. And I’m even more in shock that our fans just loved that we kept the secret. Frankly, we were all braced for people to discover it two…

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Got good “coaster hair”?

Years ago, we were hosting a Discovery Channel crew, here to shoot footage of coaster enthusiasts riding The Legend roller coaster. The field producer had a very specific request: "Find me riders with good coaster hair for the front seat." ….uh … excuse me? That was the first time I’d heard the term. But not…

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The meeting

Whenever I explain this blog to the uninitiated, I use the phrase "pull back the curtain." This online journal allows us to give you a peek behind the scenes. (It also permits me to use big words such as uninitiated.) So today we bring you into a meeting. It was a Pilgrims Plunge meeting, with…

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The view from the front, er… back, seat

Will Koch and Larry Bill

As soon as word got out that the first human rides had taken place (we’ll talk more about Fred the Test Dummy later), the emails started pouring in. Everyone wanted to know Will’s reaction to his first ride on The Voyage. So I emailed him, asking if he had time to submit a “trip report”…

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“Outstanding Concrete Achievement Award”

Bahari theming

I kid you not. This award exists. And in a few weeks, that award will be proudly displayed here at Holiday World. I’m afraid I may have offended Steve a bit; I grinned and started laughing when he told me about the Outstanding Concrete Achievement Award. “You’re joking, right?” I chuckled. My chortle quickly choked…

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Top o’ the morning!

Voyage's 2nd 90-degree section

Got ‘er done. Our Voyage topping ceremony is complete We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. Just about everyone started out wearing jackets, but they didn’t stay on long. It may even hit 80 degrees today. Before the topping got started, the three TV crews took some time to interview Will. Will talked about…

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A-topping we will go!

Voyage construction

Driving south on Highway 162 will never look the same. The VBC (Very Big Crane) will get quite a workout today. We know the height of the crane now. Steve left me a highly informational voicemail message: Hey, Paula! The crane has a 170-foot boom. And a 30-foot jib. Although you probably don’t know what…

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80-thousand strong

screw label

The delivery arrived this morning, and we’re 80-thousand strong. Two semi-loads. Eighty-thousand times three, actually. It wouldn’t all fit in the storage trailer. When Steve told us about the upcoming delivery in Monday’s staff meeting, I gasped, “Where will we put them all?” Steve misunderstood and gave me quite a look: “In the coaster structure,…

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