Our tie-in with this year’s Super Bowl

Did you enter our "A sporting contest" brain teaser? It was a tough one. To find the answer, you had to go back to the year 1996, when two members of the Indianapolis Colts football team rode The Raven. That's Jim Harbaugh on the left and Ken Dilger (a local boy who did quite well…

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A sporting contest

Ready for our first contest of the new year? With the Super Bowl just days away, this contest will give you sports fans something to think about. And you could win two one-day ticket for 2013! To warm you up, here's a photo of our late owner, the always-laughing Will Koch, happily clutching the 2007…

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Holidog’s at the Super Bowl!

That’s right — Holidog hitched a ride with Eric, our admissions director, to sunny Miami. Not sure the pup understands this whole football thing. Right before he and Eric left, I got the impression Holidog was expecting to visit the World’s Largest Dog Food Bowl. Eric says security is very tight (and he forgot to…

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The day the Super Bowl trophy came for a visit

Eric with Vince Lombardi Trophy

This can be a lonely place. Not usually, but when it’s a week away from the Super Bowl and yours truly is the only one who isn’t losing sleep over the excitement of an Indiana team heading to … Miami is it? … one can definitely feel like a square peg. And so I turn…

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Super Bowl week

Bakuli construction

How cool is this? It’s all in the news! An incredible tribute to this super Bowl Ride we’re building. The newscaster had congested nasal passages. it seems; he kept mentioning it was so “colt” out. I guess he wanted to be sure folks knew Bakuli wouldn’t be open until the weather warms up. … and I didn’t…

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