Perks for processing early

Did you know you can purchase your 2015 Season Passes for $20 a month using our Easy Pay Plan? This offer runs through November 15, 2014. And as a special incentive, we have two perks for you if you get your 2015 Season Passes processed here at the park during this year’s Happy Halloween Weekends….

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What if we hosted the Winter Games?

Legend lift chain in the snow

With all the hullabaloo about the Winter Olympics lately, it got us to pondering … what sort of competitive games could we host here during these seemingly endless weeks of snow and ice? Off went an email query, quickly followed up by a Holibaloo of our own. Here’s a sampling of the responses: First of…

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Christmas dining, long ago

Baked Alaska

Sylvia is plowing through all our old photos as she doggedly, determinedly works on getting our archives organized. She makes discoveries. Every so often I hear her laugh. It’s a great laugh. Sort of like a bell pealing. Or a gong. Today, it was the discovery of this photo that got her going. “What’s this?!”…

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