Who you callin’ a dummy?!

Mammoth Test Dummies

Temperatures up heading up toward 90 this week. And the dummies are heading up Mammoth’s lift hill. These “dummies” get to ride a bunch of laps before the rest of…

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2012’s maiden Voyage

The call came out mid-afternoon – it was time to ride Voyage for the first time this season. The test dummies were the first to arrive in the station. They…

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Raven’s first flight in 2012

… and who gets to ride? A quiet, expressionless group. Not exactly our usual crowd. Have you checked out our latest contest? Write a funny caption and you could win…

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The ‘dummy’ rides alone

Fred finished his test ride

Will, Steve, Mike, and Jeff weren’t the only fellows to ride The Voyage on Thursday. Fred the test dummy rode, too. In fact, he traveled all the way from Utah…

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