Sweepstakes: Family Getaway

Thunderbird's Immelmann loop

Who wants to win a family getaway for Memorial Day Weekend? We’ve partnered with our friends next door at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort and have a great prize package lined for this sweepstakes! Why? Because summer will be here before you know it and your family deserves a great getaway! What’s the prize?…

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Sweepstakes: Make Your Best Memories

Howler roller coaster

Congratulations to our winner, Felicia M. from Columbia, Tennessee! Thanks to all who entered! ——- We’re just a handful of weeks away from Opening Day – let’s celebrate with a new sweepstakes! Would you like to help this year’s first-timers make great memories when they visit? Post a tip below and you could win a Family Getaway for…

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Hiccup Help

Thunderbird's Immelmann Loop

Now that my kiddos are older, I’m not as in touch with modern teaching methods as in the past. Reading my sons’ schoolwork – especially their writing assignments – was always interesting and often downright fun. Here’s a new twist … a proud uncle shared his niece’s “Hiccup Help” assignment on Twitter: @HolidayWorld My niece,…

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100 days

Just 100 days from today … we’ll be open for the season! At launch time (oops, lunchtime) today … … we captured Thunderbird’s first flight of the new year: As we explain in this Facebook Live video (un-mute it if you want to hear me mispronounce Immelmann), it’s time for our maintenance technicians to start off-season…

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‘Flaked Out’ Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our winner, Tiffany A. from West Lafayette, Indiana! Thanks to all who entered! ——- Who else wants to flake out after seeing the latest weather forecast? It looks like Old Man Winter is heading back in our direction for at least a few days. And he’s not in a good mood! As the…

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Night flights

Voyage At Sunset

Last Friday, I wrote about our Lights Out! show. The next day, I got to experience a few of our coasters with their lights out. This past Saturday we hosted “Quoth the Raven, Ride Some More,” a coaster-enthusiast event with the Midwest chapter of the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE). Our morning started before the park opened…

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Watch us on Travel Channel!

Travel Channel host Jason Zone Fisher

Get ready to start seeing this face on your TV this fall: Jason Zone Fisher is the host of a new Travel Channel show called Coaster Quest. Jason visited us back in July and we’re part of that show’s premiere episode – which will air on Saturday! According to Travel Channel’s website: Host Jason Zone Fisher…

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Happy Roller Coaster Day!

Koaster Kids on Thunderbird

It’s National Roller Coaster Day! To help celebrate, we’d like to tell you about a wonderful young fellow who visited us earlier in the season. Logan’s dad contacted us back in the spring to explain how his son had created a club called “Koaster Kids” to help spread the word that fears can be overcome….

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Contest: Wood, Steel or Water?

Congratulations to our winner: Nichole C. of Clarksville, Tennessee! Thanks to all who entered – we’ll have another sweepstakes soon! —– No, this is not some weird version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Promise. With Splashin’ Safari opening in just another week, let’s talk about coasters – and a sweepstakes. Three types of coasters await you…

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Sensational sunset

Breathtaking. Today's sunset. pic.twitter.com/BGFKw4CRP3 — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) January 24, 2017 Thanks to our Lauren H. for pausing after work to take this gorgeous photo. #NationalComplimentDay

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Coaster News Network

Have you seen the news? … that article detailing a study that indicates riding a roller coaster could help you with the dreadful task of passing a kidney stone? CNN picked up the story and posted it last night – using a picture of Thunderbird as the featured photo. We’re delighted, of course, but given that the…

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Podcast: Stars & Stripes Forever

Another podcast day! Ready to go with #HoWoPo! #Podcast pic.twitter.com/jTbEJZYK1p — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) July 1, 2016 Here’s the ‘cast, if you’d like to listen and scroll through this post to see some illustrations of our conversations. Be sure to enter our new contest and don’t miss the promo code!   Our beautiful plaque from…

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