Get lost (on purpose!)

Holidog in Corn Maze

Check out this HoliDrone photo: At first, I didn’t believe it was a real photo. It had an almost-too-perfect quality that made me think it was a computer-generated image. The Activity…

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Time-lapse: A bale out for Lauren

Hay Kitty - Lauren finishing up (web)

As our Director of Entertainment & Events, Lauren wears many colorful hats. This week, her hat protected her hair as she took on the role of hay-bale painter: In just a…

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Back on track

Celebrating our 70th Birthday!

What do you give a park for its 70th Birthday? That an easy one! You bring back its original ride to put on display for generations to see and reminisce….

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Crow’s Nest: A bird’s-eye view

Thunderbird and Crow's Nest | Holiday World

Well, you figured it out, didn’t you? We moved Sparkler this week from 4th of July to Thanksgiving and re-named it Crow’s Nest. Before we move any further with this,…

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The first turkey of spring?

Do you watch carefully for the first robin of spring each year? Here at Holiday World, it’s the first turkey of spring that makes our hearts leap with joy! The…

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‘Twas the day before Opening

'Twas the day before Opening and all through the park … Not a worker was idle, from dawn till past dark. Decorations were hung from the manlift with care ……

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A fulfilling task

So now that the very long to-do list is being whittled down to a very short to-do list, what still needs to be accomplished before opening day? Fill the Applause…

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Carving up a Happy Halloween!

 Although our Happy Halloween Weekends are over for the year, we wanted to send you this little video greeting card: Would you like to share your thoughts about our event?…

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