What if we hosted the Winter Games?

Legend lift chain in the snow

With all the hullabaloo about the Winter Olympics lately, it got us to pondering … what sort of competitive games could we host here during these seemingly endless weeks of snow and ice? Off went an email query, quickly followed up by a Holibaloo of our own. Here’s a sampling of the responses: First of…

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That round thing on Mayflower?

We’ve been asked repeatedly: So what’s that round thing all about? This thing, circled (by me) in green: That’s at the apex of the ride, right? (Trying to make my oldest son proud here … I’ve made my living with words, but still remember a math term or two.) Anyway, apparently, it’s called a medallion….

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A meeting of the minds

…could easily lead to brain freeze. We took this photo of Will, Mike and Tom yesterday morning, when it was about 12 degrees out. Today temps are back up in the 30s and the cement mixers have returned. There's plenty of activity on our construction cam. Good thing. According to our "Countdown 'til Open" button,…

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A soothing office space

Tom's office space

You remember Tom, right? He’s getting a new office. Completely new. Even the walls. Now we’ve all learned that Feng shui literally means “air and water”… … but do the Chinese have a word for Pepto-Bismol? No, Tom isn’t moving into Barbie’s Dream House; it’s just his good friend Tommy needed to choose a primer…

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