Silly HoliStaff Tricks

What's the scariest phrase ever uttered here during the off-season? "Okay, we need a few volunteers …" Let me be a bit more precise: What's the scariest phrase ever uttered…

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One of Santa’s Elves?

Look what appeared on someone's office door over the Christmas break: So, just how well do you know us? Post a comment below and let us know whose door you…

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Someone snapped in the meeting

Can you call photos "snapshots" anymore? Seems old-fashioned. Obsolete even. But I still like to say I snapped some pictures, so unless instructed otherwise by the lexicon police, we shall…

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Do these men look happy?

Oh for heaven's sake, Eric and Matt! You're about to get the first ride of the season on the #1 Wooden Coaster on the Planet! In the front seat, no…

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Bad hair day

Tori and Will

This Bad Hair Day photo of Tori, our hard-working rides director, is brought to you courtesy of Will: Now, how nice is that? Tori was trying to lighten the mood…

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Around and around we go!

Revolution at night

Well. Maybe not we. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with getting older, but those circular rides make me sick. Sorry, I can’t “spin” this into something…

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