Podcast: the Town named Santa Claus

PolarBears: Will, Lauren, Leah

For the last podcast episode of 2018, Lori Koch (Lauren and Leah’s mom) joined us as we delved into the history of the town of Santa Claus:     A visit from The Today Show last weekend resulted in a wonderful feature story that aired this week. Here’s that link to the Santa Claus Visitors Bureau,…

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The Today Show comes to town!

Today Show Interview with Ashley

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that our town gets a lot of attention this time of year. Over the weekend, a crew from The Today Show paid a visit. Their holly-jolly feature aired this morning: And yes, that’s our marketing director, Ashley, interviewed mid-way through: … plus a lovely scene with the Santa’s…

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Snowed Inn Christmas: fiction depiction

Snowed Inn

Good ol’ Google Alerts saved the day again. Just a few hours ago, an email informed us our town of Santa Claus, Indiana, will be the setting for a Lifetime Movie called Snowed Inn Christmas. And it premieres tonight at 7pm CST, with reruns throughout the weekend. Here’s the description from Lifetime’s website: Jenna Hudson (Bethany…

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About Angie

Journalist Marcia Frost (love her last name!) visited us last month and one of her questions was, “What’s it like to live in a town called Santa Claus?” She was on assignment with About.com and her mission was to interview someone who could answer that question. Angie, our Guest Services Manager, sat down with Marcia…

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The Letterman racket

It’s time to climb into our way-back machine. Ready? It’s August 6, 1995. Twenty years ago. Two decades. A score. Hot as blazes here in Santa Claus. The Raven is new and it’s a hit. And it’s a Sunday afternoon. Will passes along a call from two very excited local teachers. They’ve got tickets to…

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An annual discovery

This happens in the news media every year – the discovery that Indiana has a town with the rather unusual (and charming) name of Santa Claus. With social media nowadays, it's fun to watch the public's reaction. For example, on Twitter: Yes, Virginia … “@UberFacts: There is a town in Indiana called Santa Claus.” @SantaClausInd…

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Middle of nowhere? I think not!

Admit it. You've probably said it, too. Or at least thought it: "Holiday World? That park's in the middle of nowhere!" Well sure, we're not in a major metropolitan area, but we like to think we're somewhere special. And just think about it for a second; we're: three hours from Indianapolis three hours from Nashville,…

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Tidying up for the new season

This week was filled with the sights and sounds of preparation as the town of Santa Claus got ready for the start of the new season. Thanks to INDOT's crews for manicuring our highways and byways!

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Are you a Stephen Colbert fan?

Will on The Colbert Report

In case you missed it back in 2006, our town was featured as part of The Colbert Report’s “Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude” series. We have the video to prove it! Colbert set up a Lincoln-versus-Santa debate, with two representatives from our county. The show’s producers chose Will to be the “Santa Guy.” Local historian Jerry Sanders…

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