Never been so excited about a new coaster

I grew up in southern California with Disneyland at my back door (I even worked there for 10 years). I used to draw coasters, ride coasters, and dream coasters. But it all slowly faded away into the past as I grew well into adulthood. Over the course of a few decades, I traveled here and…

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Geek Power

This email from The Gravity Group‘s Chad Miller today made Will and me laugh out loud: We saw the reverse POV video you posted of The Voyage. Who would have expected that four geeks like us could make women scream like THAT!?!? ___ Would you like to receive HoliBlog notices – along with news releases and…

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They never did say “blimey”

Liz and David

What a disappointment. Not a single “blimey.” “Oh no … ” chirped Liz. “They only say ‘blimey’ in Mary Poppins!” They did, however, greatly add to my laudatory lexicon. Here are just a few words of British praise: Brilliant! Superb! Splendid! Sublime! Ace! Fab! Our Discovery Channel’s “Building the Biggest Coaster” crew is international. Meet…

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