Adding to our lexicon

Crazy busy last week. Spent one day with a crew from the Canadian Travel Channel. "We'll be oot and aboot the park all day," I told everyone. One ride operator's eyes nearly popped out when I whispered, "They're from Canada. They don't speak English." That little joke got old very quickly, especially when I fessed…

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It’s so easy being green

Larry and Korey from The Gravity Group are here today to ride The Voyage. … with another park’s owner. Anyone else around here feel a slight tinge of jealousy? It’s so easy being green. Doesn’t it hurt just a bit? After all, we’ve meant to each other over the past two years … Planning an…

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365 days ago …

Hard to believe, but 365 days ago, we announced The Voyage. Ah, the memories. From the Snowy White Gravel Road (that name has caught on around here, by the way) … … to the increasingly annoying HoliHints … … to the scramble to help our friends overseas early that morning … … and, of course,…

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Hitting the big Times

Will Koch and The Voyage

My folks live in Madison, Connecticut. They have a subscription to the New York Times. I probably need to send them a box of Band-Aids and a tube of Neosporin for all the paper cuts they’ve surely endured the past week. Because the New York Times interviewed Will for a business article a few weeks…

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Why wood?

Why wood? Here’s Will’s explanation of why Holiday World added a third wooden coaster this season: “We believe that wooden roller coasters, in general, appeal to a wider (family) demographic than steel coasters do. They have that traditional look and feel. Wooden coasters shake. They vibrate. You know you’re on a ride.”  

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Who’s calling? Why it’s GMA! The Gospel Music Association? Grocery Manufacturers Association? Could it be … the Gulf of Maine Aquarium? Heck no! Good Morning America is producing a feature for Friday about the “biggest, baddest” new coasters. Baddest? Okay … why not? We can be bad. For Good Morning America, we can be very,…

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Take cover!

Evansville Living cover story

There are Cover Girls and then there’s that stylish Cover Coaster. Thanks to Evansville Living magazine for the great feature about The Voyage! ___ Would you like to receive HoliBlog notices – along with news releases and sweepstakes – by email? Sign up here and you can choose whether to receive the emails weekly or the same…

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Never been so excited about a new coaster

I grew up in southern California with Disneyland at my back door (I even worked there for 10 years). I used to draw coasters, ride coasters, and dream coasters. But it all slowly faded away into the past as I grew well into adulthood. Over the course of a few decades, I traveled here and…

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Geek Power

This email from The Gravity Group‘s Chad Miller today made Will and me laugh out loud: We saw the reverse POV video you posted of The Voyage. Who would have expected that four geeks like us could make women scream like THAT!?!? ___ Would you like to receive HoliBlog notices – along with news releases and…

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A mother’s prerogative

It’s a mother’s prerogative to be really rotten once in a while.  Yesterday evening, my son James and I headed down to The Voyage. I had to check on a few things in preparation for media coverage on Opening Day. Then I saw it That sign. The “Are You Tall Enough To Ride?” sign. Now,…

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The ‘dummy’ rides alone

Fred finished his test ride

Will, Steve, Mike, and Jeff weren’t the only fellows to ride The Voyage on Thursday. Fred the test dummy rode, too. In fact, he traveled all the way from Utah for the opportunity. Fred always hogs the back seat. He calls it his “office.” (Please note we haven’t changed our Dress Code here at the…

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The view from the front, er… back, seat

Will Koch and Larry Bill

As soon as word got out that the first human rides had taken place (we’ll talk more about Fred the Test Dummy later), the emails started pouring in. Everyone wanted to know Will’s reaction to his first ride on The Voyage. So I emailed him, asking if he had time to submit a “trip report”…

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