One last day for the auction

Gary and James on The Raven

The excitement is just beginning for our eBay charity auction. We’re down to the last day, so it should get wild in the coming hours. We’ve received lots of wonderful feedback as well as a few emails asking for some coaching so that they are sure to win. No big secret: Bid more money than…

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Train #1 is here

Voyage's first train arrives

The first beautiful Voyage coaster train is here. Seven cars per train means 28 riders for each. (The trains for The Raven and The Legend have six-car trains.) Train #2 is enroute from Pennsylvania. Finally, #3 will follow a few days later. Next, a crane will lift them carefully onto the track. We’ll be watching!…

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“This is more-like paradise!”

Final tunnel

That funny little phrase was uttered Friday evening by James as we walked hand in hand through the park. The hours get long this time of year, but the burden of carrying a key is sometimes a perk. You get to take your six-year-old son along for an after-hours HoliBlog photo shoot. It was his…

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“Throw it over the hill”

Fog over Voyage

Throw it over the hill? What does that mean? We’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s go back to daybreak. Korey, one of the Gravity Group engineers, took this photo. What was Korey doing here at dawn? He had a TV interview scheduled for this morning. Danielle from the Korean Broadcasting System was…

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Closing in on speeds

end of The Voyage

The questions about “how fast will The Voyage go at (fill in the blank)” are leaving me feeling quite inadequate. We lecture the Hosts & Hostesses to always find an answer, so I guess now I must eat my words. Happily, I knew where to go for the answers: Our pal Chadwick. You know, I…

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Surviving Orientation

Ethan Zohn and Craig at Voyage

Each spring, we hold a series of Orientation sessions for seasonal employees. Basically, before the crews head into departmental training, we like to get everyone together and make sure they understand who we are, what we’re all about, and what is expected of our Hosts and Hostesses. Those who are returning for their third (or…

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A hole other view

Voyage photo taken through a knothole

Jack from Anderson came on last weekend’s Voyage construction tour, too. A group of us laughed about how last summer a lot of Guests would peek at The Future Home of The Voyage through the knotholes in the fence just past Raging Rapids. I couldn’t find a single hole that was large enough to frame…

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Did the rain make the turnaround grow?

Voyage track

Could be … Let’s step back into the double-wide tunnel for another look at Voyage’s turnaround. This turnaround, of course, is where we will find the first two 90-degree banked curves. Chris, who’s our Director of Security & Entertainment (he knows, he knows!), couldn’t resist getting a closer look. And at this point, the camera…

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Signs of spring

Fire Chief Rabbit

Good grief, we had quite the “in like a lion” spring storm this afternoon. The “signs of spring” are impossible to miss this year. A local radio station was counting down the end of a Tornado Warning with, “Two more minutes until the tornado gets here.” Is that really necessary? Happily, a bit of wind…

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Two months to go

Voyage station construction

Ha! I got to be the first one to say it! Construction is well underway as we move toward opening day in just two months. Of course, I cheated by saying it a day early, but I guess that’s my prerogative. First, we see the Pepsi Oasis building in our new Thanksgiving section. And this…

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“M” is for Mud

Voyage station construction

Chad from The Gravity Group was here on Tuesday to check up on Voyage construction But who knew? After tromping about the construction site, catching up on the progress made over the past several weeks, Chad was so muddy he just headed back to Cincinnati. “The mud was up to my knees, so I didn’t even…

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A dusting of snow

Voyage Station construction

Here’s The Voyage‘s station on Saturday, with the lift hill off in the distance and a dusting of snow on the ground. You can see the second hill and a bit of the third. At the bottom of the third hill, down we go … … underground. Amid the snow. We’re making good use of…

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