Keeping track

That big ol’ crane isn’t just lifting steel. That’s wood track flying high. How handy is that? At Monday’s staff meeting, Will told us the “lid” for Voyage‘s Tunnel #1 is supposed to arrive on Friday. I’m picturing a gigantic Tupperware lid being lowered down onto that huge underground tunnel. I sure don’t want to…

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Coaster’s over yonder, Tom!

Poor Tom The guy’s worked here something like 30 years, and once in a while he still needs directions. All kidding aside, Tom is one of those go-to guys who always know what’s going on all over the park. He definitely knows where The Voyage is. And he gives as good as he gets, so I…

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Which one is worse … er, better?

Which one? You decide. This is the view heading up Voyage‘s lift hill. A coaster enthusiast emailed a suggestion that I climb up and take a photo from the very top. Not gonna happen Without question. Not a chance. Not even if I could catch a ride on the crane. Here’s another angle from the…

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Topping #2

Isn’t that always the way? The firstborn gets all the outrageous baby gifts, savings bonds, monthly framed portraits, and the totally-filled-out baby book. Number two? Not even a cupcake. No news release. No media gathering. Not even a flag. Sigh! We middle children have to stick together. We’ll love Hill #2 every bit as much…

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An ever-changing skyline

Voyage in the distance

Wow, has our skyline changed! Take a look: From the Funnel Cake Factory in the 4th of July section: And from the west side of the Raging Rapids observation deck. That’s the Bamboo Chute water slide running through the picture. Here’s a little closer to the water slide. Remember, the Bamboo Chute will be reprofiled…

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Sunday’s Voyage

It’s so nice to see the lovely fall colors coming out this week. Oh, and The Voyage looks pretty good, too. This was taken on Sunday by one of the people interviewed for the Discovery Channel program. (Thanks, Matt.) He sent me a bunch; I’ll add a few more as I go through them. I’ll…

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They never did say “blimey”

Liz and David

What a disappointment. Not a single “blimey.” “Oh no … ” chirped Liz. “They only say ‘blimey’ in Mary Poppins!” They did, however, greatly add to my laudatory lexicon. Here are just a few words of British praise: Brilliant! Superb! Splendid! Sublime! Ace! Fab! Our Discovery Channel’s “Building the Biggest Coaster” crew is international. Meet…

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Everyone’s a comedian early in the morning

Blame it on lack of sleep. Our Discovery Channel crew got to their hotel close to midnight last night. We had plans to meet up at 5:30 this morning. (Note to self: When you know it might rain and that you’ll be wearing a hard hat most of the day, don’t bother getting up a…

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Liz called from Cincinnati (they’re visiting The Gravity Group offices today, talking about The Voyage). Blimey! They read yesterday’s post already. Alastair is pleased. Good lad! Turns out he’s a Scotsman. What a coincidence. Just last night, my 14-year-old announced he wants to wear a kilt in marching band. (He just watched Braveheart for the…

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The Brits are coming!

Brilliant! Remember last month, when we spoke mysteriously about a TV crew visiting the park as research for an upcoming show? It’s a “go.” Beginning Friday, we will host a four-member TV crew from the Discovery Channel. From London. England. The United Kingdom! I must admit, I’m an anglophile. Not to worry, I don’t go…

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Top o’ the morning!

Voyage's 2nd 90-degree section

Got ‘er done. Our Voyage topping ceremony is complete We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. Just about everyone started out wearing jackets, but they didn’t stay on long. It may even hit 80 degrees today. Before the topping got started, the three TV crews took some time to interview Will. Will talked about…

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A-topping we will go!

Voyage construction

Driving south on Highway 162 will never look the same. The VBC (Very Big Crane) will get quite a workout today. We know the height of the crane now. Steve left me a highly informational voicemail message: Hey, Paula! The crane has a 170-foot boom. And a 30-foot jib. Although you probably don’t know what…

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