A Chase of the Mondays

Kenny on Cheetah Chase

…get it? A “case” of the Mondays, but it’s for Cheetah Chase? Sorry to kick things off with a bad pun. But I have to share what a Monday in the office can look like at a theme park.  Today we had a town hall meeting that involved our entire full-time staff. Dave, our Director…

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A boo-tiful award

A text buzzed in on my phone the other evening, with this photo: VP Eric was in Indianapolis, attending the annual State Tourism Conference. Tuesday evening, Indiana Tourism Association officials announced eight “Best of” marketing awards. The award for Best Event/Festival went to … … Happy Halloween Weekends! In announcing our award, the emcee sharing some…

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Podcast: The one with the Griswolds

Taylor Bybee

Once we move to our “Now Open Weekends” schedule,  references to “the Moose Out Front” abound. … because just about everyone has seen National Lampoon’s Vacation at least once. And, believe it or not, this vehicle was actually parked in our lot a few years ago (during the 30th-anniversary summer of the film’s release). And…

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Old yeller

Eric, our VP of Marketing, texted me earlier today that while he sat in on a new-employee Orientation session, Brooke mentioned to the group that he was one half of a “HoliCouple,” meaning he and his wife met while working here. The big reaction was when he told the assembled that the year he and his…

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Podcast: The one with the crowdsourcing

Wow, those two weeks went by fast! We recorded Podcast Episode 2 this morning, with guest VP James providing us with a Legend update, including a description of the new “double down” element. Want to know even more about the double down? Be sure to listen! And here are three photos that will make no sense…

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Dress Up Your Pet Day

Here at Holiday World, we make merry on more holidays than just Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. For example, today we paws to celebrate “Dress Up Your Pet Day”! Those who have pets understand it when I say they are part of our families. They eat with us, travel with us, and are…

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Confessions of a screaming grandma

Staff rides Thunderbird roller coaster

Ever since we announced Thunderbird last July, I’ve been asked over and over: So. Are you gonna ride? And my answer has not wavered: “I honestly don’t know.” As excited as I’ve been about Thunderbird ever since I was invited into the “cone of silence” 18 months ago, the thought of riding it was, frankly,…

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How many degrees?

Rayvon Owen

Okay, so we’re not talking about Thunderbird’s barrel roll or the three sections of 90-degree track on Voyage. This time we’re talking about degrees of separation. You know, like the movie. The “six degrees of separation” theory goes something like this: everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other…

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The Secret: How we kept it

It’s been a little more than a month since our announcement for 2015, and I’m still in shock that we managed to keep this massive project under wraps. And I’m even more in shock that our fans just loved that we kept the secret. Frankly, we were all braced for people to discover it two…

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What are you WISHing for?

Take a look at some WISH-ful thinking from early this morning: All will be revealed this evening starting at 8:15pm CDT: http://HolidayWorld2015.com Please join us! And Happy Christmas Eve in July!

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A few final hints …

I woke up this morning nervous. It was kind of a combination of day-of-final-exams anxiety and Christmas morning excitement. Announcement Day is [almost] here, and we can [almost] stop talking in hushed tones everywhere we go. Almost. But I know that one more day for us means one more day of agony for the Holiday…

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When in doubt, look it up

Anyone else having trouble keeping up with the latest lingo? Our social media pages keep me up to date most of the time. But not always. Here in Communications, we’ve been working on a project and I sent a photo over for Eric and Leah to see. Thing is, I didn’t know if Eric’s response…

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