Geek Power

This email from The Gravity Group‘s Chad Miller today made Will and me laugh out loud: We saw the reverse POV video you posted of The Voyage. Who would have expected…

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Will’s favorite ride


When you saw the subject line of this post, you probably assumed the top was going to be coasters. Right? That’s a reasonable assumption, but truth be told there’s another…

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A post-script to yesterday’s story

Here’s a P.S. to tag yesterday’s post about Will’s top fan: Last night was Concerto Night at our high school. The annual Solo and Ensemble contest is coming up on Saturday,…

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When your 6-year-old emails your boss

James Werne at The Voyage

My son James absolutely loves to email. He’s only six. He’s in Kindergarten. You may recall he is one of those “Coaster Crazies.” He can’t get enough. Remember Ralphie from…

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Home for the Holidays

Holidog in Will's office

Remember that coffee commercial, in which the college lad returns home for Christmas vacation early one morning, with only little sister awake to greet him? To prove he’s put the…

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Midnight train in Georgia

Will and Mrs. Koch in train

Okay, so it’s not midnight blue, but close enough. Will, his mom, and three of our directors were in Atlanta last week, attending the annual IAAPA Convention. The folks at…

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Top o’ the morning!

Voyage's 2nd 90-degree section

Got ‘er done. Our Voyage topping ceremony is complete We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. Just about everyone started out wearing jackets, but they didn’t stay on long….

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A-topping we will go!

Voyage construction

Driving south on Highway 162 will never look the same. The VBC (Very Big Crane) will get quite a workout today. We know the height of the crane now. Steve…

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Podcasting with Will

We had a grand time hosting the folks from last weekend. One of the “extras” on Saturday was the opportunity to sit in on that week’s podcast recording, which…

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It’s a Wonderful Budget

No one looks forward to capital budget time. Some departments get what they want; others need to try again next year. Just like Christmas, it’s rare to get everything you…

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What a difference a decade makes

Raven 3D

Actually, it was 11 years ago that we announced The Raven. I’ll never forget that day. And our … well … “model.” It was remarkably low tech But it was…

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