In the pink

Vanessa and Will

Turning 30 is a milestone and worthy of celebrating in the pink! Oh, no – not me! (Heavens, no!) Our Director of Merchandise, Vanessa, turned 30 the other day. And everyone … everyone … was in the pink. Because it’s Vanessa’s favorite color Will didn’t get to wear his pink shirt the rest of the…

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The quote that didn’t make it

It was so nice to wake up this morning to see this article in USA Today. (Their circulation is a whopping 2.2 million, baby!) Will did the phone interview with the reporter a month or so ago. I always try to sit in on these interviews. Not that I “catch” a mistake all that often,…

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Will he crack?

The folks at WTVW-TV in Evansville have invited Will to stop by Monday morning for an on-air chat between 7:30 and 8:00 am CDT. They want to talk about the upcoming “What’s New for ’06” announcement, which will take place (rain or shine!) on Wednesday at 11 am CDT. I’ve prepared Will as best I…

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Q: When is the color green … blue?

green boats that should have been blue

A: When Will says it’s blue! Here’s the story … Will planned to replace the boats at Raging Rapids over the course of two years. A few last year, but most of them this season. Boats were ordered last fall, in plenty of time for the new season. The boats were to be the same…

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Water temperature: Did you know?

If we’d gone to school together, I would have picked Will to be my partner in science class. We had an email yesterday from a woman who was concerned about the notation on our website stating that the average water temperature in Splashin’ Safari is currently 85 degrees. She asked if that water temperature was…

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Bad hair day

Tori and Will

This Bad Hair Day photo of Tori, our hard-working rides director, is brought to you courtesy of Will: Now, how nice is that? Tori was trying to lighten the mood in the office and grabbed a (brand-new-and-unused, I hope!) mop-head and tossed it on her noggin. Kind of a Raggedy Ann/punk look. Will’s immediate reaction…

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Hospitality Training

It doesn’t just happen, folks. It’s not something in the water. … or in the free, unlimited soft drinks. We have to work on being friendly. It means reporting for work at 7:30 am for Hospitality Training. 7:30 am. In the morning. How friendly is that? We pack the Holiday Theater for three mornings this…

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More calculations

Around here we kid around about each person’s “inner geek” coming out in our work. John knows every dimension of the new water tower. Will can explain the mechanical workings of every ride. Lori knows every specific water-quality number and how to balance it perfectly. I eagerly volunteered recently to rewrite text into blocks containing…

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Would you want this job?

Painting water tower

I tease a lot of the directors here at the park: I’m sure glad you like your job — I sure wouldn’t want to do it! Happily, not too many of my fellow employees are camping out at my office door, either. It’s nice to be well-suited to your job. Your career. What about these…

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Out with the old … in with the new

Original Skeeball machines

About a year and a half ago, Will announced in staff meeting: I want to see more Guests walking around the park with plush that they’ve won. Huh? I guess this should not have surprised me. Will is, after all, the fellow who came up with the Free Unlimited Soft Drinks program for the year…

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Christmas comes early for Mrs. Koch

decorated tree

When you look up “determined” in the dictionary, chances are Mrs. Koch’s photo will be there. Every season, there are two or three things that just bug her. Drive her crazy. Up a tree, even But she doesn’t gripe and complain. She figures out a way to change it. It’s usually something people whisper in…

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Time to whine

Update: In case you found this blog post (from 2005) in your quest to discover which time zone Holiday World is on, we’ll make it simple: Central Daylight Time. We realize most of Indiana is on Eastern, but our little corner of the state is on Central. —– Last night, the Indiana State Legislature made…

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